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Why You Need An Enterprise Social Network For Your Business

Social Network For Your Business

Enterprise social networks are fast becoming a must for business owners across the world. If you haven’t created yours yet, or you have but it’s not ideal, here’s everything you need to know. You are the head of a company and you wonder if it is necessary to be present on social networks. Are there advantages to being on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Indeed, you have a corporate website presenting your products or services. You also have a customer base and do a few physical marketing campaigns. You may even have run online advertisements to advertise your business. You have been advised to create a Facebook page or an Instagram account, but you do not see how this could help you sell more. We will discuss all the advantages that you can derive from corporate social networks.

Social Network Is A Must For A Business

The first thing to understand is that today social networks have entered into people’s customs and habits. It’s something trivial. Being present on social networks is almost a must compared to your competitors. They are doing it or have been doing it for some time now, and it has become really normal.

And indeed, your competitors are not wrong. Some people may search social media for reviews of your business. Therefore, a company needs to be present on social networks, both for its customers and in relation to its competition.

The Benefits Of Using An Enterprise Social Network

The benefits are many. But to take advantage of corporate social networks, it is not enough to create accounts. And it is also necessary to be connected to it and, above all, to be active there. For this, you can recruit a community manager. For any company that invests in these different platforms, the gains are numerous.

1. More Visibility And More Customers

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Social networks are a dispensable part of the lives of many people. Several million active users connect to it every day. Indeed, they have developed over the years to become essential for many customers today. If some are there, it is because it is necessary to be there as a company. Therefore, social networks are essential today to increase your visibility on the internet and in the real world!

It should be known that social networks have an incredible force. If you knew word of mouth to promote your business, you have to think that your presence on social networks will make it possible to benefit from a much more powerful word of mouth.

If someone shares your Instagram account or your Facebook page, many of their friends will see it. Your business will be much more visible to potential customers. To gain notoriety and promote your brand, they are a real asset. For that, you need to add a corporate video to your social platforms to explain your brand’s personality and highlighted your services or products.

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2. Enterprise Social Network Is A Social Proof

Social proof is a key element in a customer’s purchase decision. Indeed, the latter needs to know that he is not the only one to trust a company to buy. This is why customer reviews are very important, and this reassures the customer and really puts him in confidence. Social networks play a similar role since the more you show that users are interested in your company and subscribe to your accounts, the more the potential customers will be reassured.

It is indeed not uncommon for a customer to do some research on a company in which he wishes to buy a product before making the purchase. You must then use social networks as social proof of the seriousness of your company. By posting Facebook posts, Instagram posts and Pinterest posts on your company page on a daily basis, you can build your brand image and give more confidence to your potential customers.

3. Closer To Customers

Once the users are your customers, it is also interesting to use company social networks to be close to them. Indeed, it is not always easy to create a real link between your company and your customers. Social networks really facilitate this link since it is possible to send them your news directly thanks to these tools.

If you are present on the internet with your website, this is not enough to create real proximity with your customers. Indeed, they do not come every day on your website’s blog to hear from you. On the other hand, they connect very regularly, even every day, to their social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest.

4. Savings In Communication

As we have just seen, corporate social networks are a great way to communicate with your prospects and customers. Therefore, you can realize that this allows you to make some savings in communication. Indeed, as the relationship is facilitated with your subscribers, it is unnecessary to carry out paid advertising to reach them.

Of course, not all prospects in your market will necessarily subscribe to your networks, and this does not constitute the whole of your communication. You may still need to advertise additionally. However, you will have a customer base ready to receive your marketing offers and easily buy your products or services. They are indeed very qualified and already know you. This is not necessarily the case for all people who will see advertisements that you have purchased.

5. Better Responsiveness

Since your social networks will facilitate your communication, you can anticipate that your responsiveness will be as well. Indeed, if someone is in charge of social networks in your company, they will be notified if there is a message from a client or prospect.

You can thus be more responsive in the event of a question than by email. Indeed, the emails can be numerous and it happens that some remain on hold, sometimes up to several days. You can then respond directly to your customers. They will automatically receive a notification telling them that you have just replied to them.

6. A Chance To Recruit

Social media for a company can also be a doorway to simplified recruitment. Indeed, today there is a professional social network to help you in this process, namely LinkedIn.

On it, you can create a page (in the same way as a LinkedIn profile ) for your company to group all your employees under the same name, strengthen your brand image, and offer your job offers. You can also access thousands of profiles in your industry.

7. Improving Your SEO

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Google considers many factors when choosing which site to highlight in search results. One of the points taken into account by Google is the number and frequency of links (pointing to your website) shared on social networks.

Therefore, it is interesting from a natural referencing (or SEO) point of view to be present on social networks. This will allow Google to understand that you are a sufficiently active market player to be promoted more on the search engine. This is so-called Social Media Optimization (SMO), which goes hand in hand with your overall SEO work on and off your website.

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We hope that all our ideas have helped you to make your decision and perhaps even convinced you to be present on social networks. You have indeed been able to realize the number of advantages for your company. It is time to know who within your company will be in charge of community management on social networks to develop your notoriety. If you install an enterprise social network, you’ll find the benefits of social media to your business are endless. You’ll connect more effectively with your customers, and they’ll interact with your brand.