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Promote And Run Your Virtual Summit With HeySummit


When organizing a virtual summit or digital online event, it’s important to consider the experience you want to create for your audience. Factors to consider include the right virtual summit software and how to choose the right one for your needs. Make sure your speakers are top-notch, but if you can’t create a great experience, your summit won’t be successful.

What Explains The Popularity Of Virtual Summits

There are a number of reasons why online conferencing has become the latest trend in business. For starters, it is an opportunity that does not have to be missed just because you don’t have the budget or time for a physical conference. You can also address a bigger audience and impact with a virtual conference.

The resources needed for this type of event are much cheaper than they would be for a physical event. By eliminating the need for travel and overnight stays, you also save money on accommodation and meals. You can also use technology to create visuals, all of which helps to simplify your process.

One way in which businesses are attempting to grow is through their use of physical conferences. Most companies spend a large amount of money on these conferences but it’s difficult to measure any positive impact that they have on the company’s growth. Hence investing so much money in these conferences is not worth the risk.

Unlike physical conferences, online conferences are cost-effective.

What Is A Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is an event where the speaker or presenters are not physically present. The summit is usually conducted online through a video platform such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

Video conferences may also come with a few inherent problems. No matter what platform you are using, it makes true personal interaction challenging. You can improve your virtual conference event by integrating HubSpot’s Live Chat software with the main platform. The best thing about this software is that it is free to use.

The summit is more affordable because you only need to purchase a ticket to attend instead of traveling and spending money on hotel and food. The summit is also more accessible because one can join from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet-connected device. The summit is novel because you can be creative with your presentation.

For example, you can create a PowerPoint, use Prezi, or record a video. Lastly, the summit is measurable because you can track the engagement of the attendees such as how many people watched the presentations, how many people participated in the discussion, and how many people downloaded the resources. This information can help you improve future virtual summits.

It’s high time that you learn how to host an online summit because hosting an online summit can help you build relationships with influencers, grow your email list, and position yourself as a leader in your niche. When you host an online summit, you’ll be able to connect with influencers who can promote your summit to their audiences.

How Does A Virtual Summit Work?

There are many ways to host a virtual summit, but in general, they all have one thing in common. Each online event has an organizer who creates the agenda and line-up of speakers (usually between 5 -50), as well as attendees who sign up with their name or email address for access. The details can vary from meeting site-to-site though.

4 Main Types of Virtual Events

Webinars, virtual conferences, internal hybrid events, and external hybrid events are the four main types of virtual events. Webinars are live online presentations that allow participants to see and hear the presenter. Virtual conferences are gatherings of people who attend sessions that are delivered remotely. Internal hybrid events are live online meetings that include both remote and in-person attendees. External hybrid events are live online meetings that include both remote and non-remote attendees.

Basics Of Virtual Event Planning

Event marketing is just as important for virtual events as it is for in-person events. Without effective promotion, attendance at a virtual event will be lower than it could be. In order to keep attendees engaged, it’s important to have powerful keynotes and engaging sessions that are tailored to them. To measure the success of an event, you need to measure engagement and capture attendee data.

Press releases are still an important piece of event marketing, even for virtual events. Without targeted, effective promotion, attendance at a virtual event will be lower than it can be. Make sure your press release contains accurate information on how to register for the event, the date and time of the event, and the topics that will be covered.

Make sure your event website is well-made and easy to navigate. Your virtual event attendees will appreciate it.

Main Elements Of Virtual Events

The main elements that make up a virtual event are the website, live and pre-recorded content, audio and video quality, and the ability to engage with other attendees. The website is where participants will go to view the agenda, content, and live or recorded presentations.

The live presentations will be of high quality, as will the audio and video. Participants will also be able to ask questions and take notes. The recorded content can be viewed later on and participants can also interact with each other through video conferencing. Finally, feedback surveys will allow organizers to get feedback from participants about their experience.

How Are Virtual Summits Presented And How HeySummit Fits In

The most popular virtual summit format is an interview style where a host poses questions to the speaker. They have time to prepare their answers and responses.

Another approach to a virtual summit is when speakers prepare their own presentations. This is less popular because it requires more work from the speakers and they are less likely to agree to be involved.

HeySummit focuses on new experiences that occur with the use of new technology. These include online interactions that are better than video chat.

For example, its High Fidelity is a revolutionary audio platform tool that takes your voice and puts it into the world. You can travel with other users, explore large spaces together while staying connected through spatial sound effects. This type of technology has been adapted from video games and uses 3D-acoustic sound to make real-life conversations feel as if they are happening right next to you.

HeySummit helps participants see the right place to go when people want to talk more about what they saw. They do not need to log out of one and then log into another. The event organizers can decide on what platform and when it is used, so people don’t need to register again.

For example, Remo is a platform that allows participants to join virtual tables. Attendees at a particular table can then view the video feed of everyone else at the table. This way, everyone can feel like they’re in the same room together. In the event that a Remo session is scheduled for 10 AM, HeySummit will go into REMO and create an interactive experience to help conference attendees navigate through separate platforms.

The use of a new and creative format makes the content more appealing to attendees. Fun and engaging content formats increase the user’s receptivity to new experiences.

Features Of HeySummit

HeySummit is a global collaboration software that can be used by anyone passionate about reaching out to audiences located across different parts of the globe. This includes entrepreneurs, conference planners, talk-series organizers, and anyone looking to host an event.

The built-in features within the particular simplify the process of conducting an online event and help the organizer find out what’s happening in real-time. Lightening registration, instant updates on proceedings – it has all been optimized for a smooth experience.

HeySummit allows event organizers to add speakers and produce dynamic content without any hassle. The software makes it easy to create optimized landing pages that can be used for marketing purposes. You can choose to preload an individual language or opt for manual translations.

It is a live event management software that allows users to share their thoughts through live, pre-recorded or hybrid options as per their individual needs. It facilitates active integrations with external webinar platforms like BigMarker, Microsoft Teams, Youtube, Zoom, etc. The detailed reports generated by the software offers relevant insights and helps to make the upcoming events more impactful.

HeySummit is a flexible event platform that allows you to quickly build events and focus on your content. With custom fields, ticketing options, and integrations, HeySummit can be tailored to fit your specific needs. This allows you to get started capturing registrations as soon as you finish setting up your event.

It is the ultimate solution for any business looking to host a successful digital summit. Whether you’re selling tickets or providing content, HeySolutions can help. They have endless solutions like live chat with giveaways and promotions throughout your event so that attendees are engaged from start to finish.

Looking for video conferencing software for your business? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Conferencing Software Solutions.

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