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Create Stunning Videos With Wave And See Your Business Growing


Wave.video is one of the best video-making software you need for making, publishing, and repurposing videos in any type of business – whether it be eCommerce, consultant services, or retail. Not only does Wavevideo host all the videos on the cloud, but it also gives you the tools and features you need to efficiently and effectively make and publish your video marketing strategy.

With its video marketing platform, you get access to tools and features that allow you to make better videos, publish them seamlessly on the internet, and track their performance.

With over 1000 video templates and easy-to-use editing tools, Wavevideo will help you create a stunning new look for your videos every day.

Wave.Video’s Features

Wavevideo editor has all the features you need to make stunning videos, and it only takes minutes with a collection of over 1000 video templates powered by dozens of new ideas every day. With this tool at your fingertips-you’ll skyrocket on creativity level while whirling through projects like never before.

One of the Wave’s special features is that it has auto-captions with customizable style, font, and color. It also has an extensive library of royalty-free stock videos and pictures.

It offers over 30 different layouts containing video collages, frames, color gradients, borders, and other visual elements to enhance your video’s look and feel. It has an in-place text editor with a variety of animation effects such as fade, zoom in or out animations on select words and phrases.

  • It contains the auto-resize tool which includes 30+ formats for any marketing channel.
  • Wavevideo hosting helps you keep all your videos in one place and easily embed them on your website, blog, in your emails, or share them via direct link.
  • It provides customized branding to the video player to seamlessly fit into your website design.
  • Wavevideo also offers in-built analytics to track the performance of your videos based on the number of views and the duration of the video, which are both important metrics for marketers.

Among the coolest features of Wavevideo hosting you will find:

  • Ad-free with no outbound links
  • Responsive to any video format and size
  • The customizable player with full control over the viewer’s experience
  • Autoplay and looping video functions
  • Automatically generated and customizable video landing page
  • Embed codes to send your videos via emails
  • Security of your video
  • Video analytics

Wavevideo FAQs

What are the different types of libraries in Wave.video?

Wavevideo has over 2 million images and videos for you to use. You can subscribe to a premium plan that includes more videos and images than other people have access to, but the number of videos and images may change over time. Wavevideo also offers video clips and photos separately for sale at different prices too.

Can I remove the Wavevideo watermark from my Video Landing Pages and embedded videos?

You can remove the Wavevideo watermark from your embedded videos once you upgrade to a premium account. The logo on your Video Landing pages will not be shown as long as you subscribe to its prime subscription.

How am I going to be charged for video hosting?

The free and creator plans come with 5 embedded videos each, but the Business plan has an unlimited number of video embeds available. Subscribers can enjoy their first 200 for no charge! After that, you will be charged 20¢ per month on every additional one they post.


Each plan also has the following number of watch hours included:

  • Free — 20 GB per month
  • Creator — 100 GB per month
  • Business — 200 GB per month

You can purchase as much bandwidth as you want with your business account. For every 1 Gb purchased, 20¢ will be added to the bill and this extra charge applies only for Business plan members. Subscribers of Free And Creator Plans will not get this benefit.

With a Wave account, you can publish videos directly to social platforms and download them in the .mp4 format. With any of its paid plan, you can download the videos in the .mp4 format directly to your computer.

Are there any storage limits?

Each plan has the following amount of storage included:

  • Free — 10 GB
  • Creator — 30 GB
  • Business — 200 GB

After that, you will be charged 10¢ per month for every additional 1 GB (Business plan).

How To Edit Videos In Wavevideo

If you have ever wanted to give video editing a try, now is the time. With Wave.video’s user-friendly interface and simple tools available in just one platform for all of your videos needs; whether they be basic or advanced level.

Let’s walk you through the step-by-step process on how to make a stunning video using Wave.

Try Free Plan First

If you’re not sure if Wavevideo is the right video editing tool for you, try out the free plan first. The free plan lets you create up to 10 short videos that have the Wave.video watermark. It also lets you upload 10 video clips and 20 images of your own (not to mention that you’ll have access to the tool’s library of stock images and clips). If you decide that Wave.video is the right tool for you, you can upgrade to a paid subscription later.

Choose Your Video Footage

Use the filters in the left-hand sidebar to get just what you are looking for. You can also narrow down your search by selecting a template, or adding keywords if that suits you better. All you need to do is click on the “New Project”.

Click “Start from scratch” in the middle of this screen to opt for a custom video. You can search through Wave’s stock library and pick out whatever clips or images you want, then put them together with some helpful tools.

You can also add your own footage to the video. Just click the Uploads tab at the top of the page, drag and drop any media you want to use onto the screen, and select clips and images to use in your video. As you select clips and images to use in your video, they’ll appear in the timeline on your editing screen.

Choose Your Format

When you want to edit a video in Wave.video, changing the format can be an easy and quick way of doing so. You have three options: regular landscape mode; square-shaped videos which are just 1/3 bigger than they would otherwise appear on your screen at full resolution, 9:16 ratio for Instagram stories.

It’s important to always know what format you’re working with. If your media doesn’t fit in the frame, crop it or use landscape mode and make sure that whatever image size is best for viewing will be on screen at all times.

Add Other Video Effects

You can find all of these tools at the right of the page, including speed controls and a color overlay. Make sure you’ve got “Video” selected, rather than “Text”, to see these options.

Add Text Effects

Wave.video offers an easy way to add text on top of your clips so you can customize it in any way that suits what’s best for the particular video you need help editing.

You can move your text around, change the font and size of it to something that looks good on-screen or print. You’ll also be able to use different animations for how messages appear like adding subtitles by clicking the left-hand button above the main message while creating a video through a timeline where you have options at any time during the process to view the finished product before publishing.

Add stickers and GIFs

Wave.video allows you to add stickers and GIFs to your video. The power of stickers is universal. They’re a creative and engaging way to express oneself in any situation, whether it is social or not. They are something everyone understands and can use to show what they mean when communicating with others through video content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., whether it’s for fun or business purposes.

Add Your Logo

If you want to include your logo in the video, upload it on the “Watermark” screen. However, the log will always appear beside the wavevideo watermark. However, if you upgrade, only the log will be there for everyone to see.

Add Music And Sound Effects

With more than 300,000 audio tracks available for users to add into their videos from a variety of categories and keyword searches on its “Add Music” screen – you’re sure to find just what you need.

You can upload your own audio files by selecting the Uploads tab at top of this page. You are limited to 10 total uploaded file sizes for free accounts, but there is an upgrade available that allows you as much capacity as you want.

You can customize the audio to fit your video. Trim its length, turn up or down the volume and decide whether you want it to fade in automatically at startup time (or when clicked) with other text options found on the right of the screen.

Publish Your Video

After making sure everything looks and sounds good, click down to publish. You’ll have the option of downloading your video or sharing it directly with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for video making software for your business? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Making Software Solutions.

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