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Best WPX Hosting Alternatives

WPX Hosting Alternatives

Are there some WPX hosting software alternative one can use? Even though this powerful hosting has some drawbacks, there are webpreneurs who are in need of them. This guide brings you the best-managed hosting tools you may use to take your business website to a new level. Doing this may even help you surpass your competitors. WPX Hosting is the largest name in managed WordPress hosting. But, it comes with its disadvantages that you ought to know. These downsides make users shift their attention to other hosting suppliers.

Disadvantages Of WPX Hosting Service

  • It’s advantageous only for those multi-site founders. As for the single-site owners or newbies, this hosting service isn’t the best.
  • If you like cPanel, then you won’t find it from this service. Its dashboard is custom and misses some of the important features.
  • It lacks phone support which is mandatory for webpreneurs nowadays
  • It lacks documentation and doesn’t support the flexible migration procedure.
  • Speed performance isn’t top-notch.

Because of these reasons, there are many users who aren’t satisfied with this type of hosting and, as such, are looking for WPX Hosting Alternatives. If you are among those people not satisfied with this hosting and looking for an alternative, then we’ve got you covered. We have handpicked the best WPX Hosting alternative services. So, let’s dive in and see what they are.

Best WPX Hosting Alternatives In 2022

1. Kinsta ( Powered By Google Cloud Platform)

This top WPX hosting competitor is ranked as the best alternative for each business user. Kinsta provides a robust of managed specific WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform, which is the same platform used by Google to host its site’s products. Kinsta is all about managed WordPress hosting. So, if your business website is big, then it is good to use Kinsta host since it has the big and top clients.

Its clients are dedicated to offering the best experience for the Kinsta users, and it’s all thanks to its best teams, who are well versed with CMS.

When You Should Use Kinsta Hosting

  • This is a hosting service to go for if you are serious about designing and scaling a site from scratch. Besides, its prices are above the average.
  • If you’re moving your hosting to another, ensure you collect data like the views and traffic you’re getting every month. This will help you know the plan to go with. If you are getting 25 thousand views and above, then you have to go for a bigger plan known as Pro.
  • If you wish to start a new site with a new business, then you may use the Kinsta starter plan.
  • When you already own a firm in the offline market and wish to bring it online, you’ll always have the traffic and clients. In such a case, you have to go for the Pro plan.

2. BlueHost

This is the most known web hosting service in the online industry that many webpreneurs have come to love. Bluehost is among the best three web hosting platforms officially recommended by WordPress organizations. Bluehost is ranked as the king in the hosting industry since it’s every plan is affordable and also the best for the users who are completely new to an online community. The previous WPX alternatives offer hosting for several platforms, and the Bluehost provides a decent speed as well as uptime guarantee with budget-friendly pricing. This is hosting for each user for business purposes.

Features Of Bluehost

Bluehost has its own SEO tool that helps in scoring and tracking how well the site ranks for its specific keywords. It takes less time to install your site with Bluehost, approximately 10 mins. Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The best thing is that you won’t be asked questions when asking for the money-back guarantee.

• A free domain Name- Bluehost provides free domain with every year plans.

• A click set up wizard- It’s very easy to start using Bluehost because o its one-click software installations.

• Custom dashboard- Bluehost has its own custom dashboard that makes it very easy to install the software and a live Website security monitoring feature.

• Free email- Bluehost provides a free service for email hosting where you may create an unlimited account without casting the extra.

• 24/7 support- Bluehost provides support to its customers at any time through phone calls, online, and tickets with the Wordpres experts.

When To Use The Bluehost’s

For online business purposes, no matter is size. Besides, if you are also going to start a business website, then you can use a Bluehost service provider. You can use this hosting the same way you could use any other web hosting.

Bluehost provides plans for each business user, either big or small, from VPS to a dedicated WordPress plan with a starting fee of $3.95 on WordPress, shared, and other plans with the free domain on every plan.

3. DreamHost

This is another best WPX hosting provider recommended for any person wishing to start a business site. DreamHost is quite cost-effective and comes with great features for unlimited storage, database, and bandwidth with a one-year website builder entirely for free.

This is surely a great alternative for managed WordPress hosting if you choose the high-tier plans that offer all WPX hosting features. Dreamhost offers a monthly payment system, which means you may also purchase its plans for a month to test the performance. However, the pricing may rise slightly.

You will find only a few providers offering monthly payment features. Dreamhost is officially recommended by the WordPress org to host any of the business sites.

Features Of Dreamhost

Below are the top features of the DreamHost for the starter:

• Monthly Payment

• A free domain in the yearly plans with every plan.

• A free Site Builder to help one set up the WordPress site quickly.

• A customized-built dashboard that will assist you in managing your sites and installing many applications with live security monitoring.

• Free mail hosting- You do not have to pay any money to host emails because DreamHost will do that for you for free. But, you have to pay a small amount of $1.67 per month.

When Can You Use DreamHost?

DreamHost is the provider to go with if you don’t want to spend more money on hosting a site, as it has budget-friendly plans that won’t leave you broke. But for a person that loves speed, then Kinsta is the way to go. With DreamHost, you won’t have to spend more money since you just have to pay $16 every month to host one site, get a free domain name, unlimited email as well as a free Jetpack plugin that comes with monthly visitors, and a free website builder.

From this, we can deduce that DreamHost is also a great alternative to WPX hosting in the market competition these days. You do not have to be in a contract with DreamHost for a year; you may select any other plans and pay for them per month. There is no need to be on yearly contracts.

4. GreenGeeks

This is an eco-friendly hosting provider that’s wholly powered by renewable green sources to run the hosting server with a speed of 5x faster. It is all thanks to the 300% energy from the green match.

GreenGeeks is a prominent solid and faster, cost-effective WPX Hosting alternative. This is a unique website hosting you will ever find that offers pocket-friendly hosting plans with starting price plans of about$2.49 per month.

GreenGeeks has gained its prominence from WordPress users with its tremendous awards and nominators for its unique and eco-friendly web hosting services. It has made its services superb since it has installed the amount of energy it uses in the form of renewable energy, producing 300% energy power for its servers to run the website faster than any other hosting.

Features Of GreenGeeks

• A free domain- The hosting provider offers a free domain just for the first year in its plans. So, you can easily get a free domain name with any plans completely for free.

• Features that are unlimited- GreenGeeks provides unlimited storage, bandwidth, data transfer, email accounts, and database in all its hosting plans.

• Good customer support- It has 24/7 support from its WordPress experts to the customers.

• Automatic nightly backups- GreenGeeks backups the website automatically each night for 24/7 to safeguard your data.

• Free WordPress elements come with a free custom CDN and SSL certificate.

• Data centers- With GreenGeeks, you may select data centers from any location like Chicago, US Montreal, US Phoenix, Amsterdam NL.

• C-Panel- GreenGeeks offers a free c-panel for each plan, and you can use it to control each element of the site as well as install any software you like.

• GreenGeeks is eco-friendly with a unique technology

• Uptime guarantee of 99.99%

• Daily backups without limits

• Money back guarantee of 30 days

• Malware cleanups for free

• A free CDN

When You Should Use GreenGeeks

If you want to hose many websites with faster performance, then GreenGeeks is your provider.

5. CloudWays

This is a great WPX hosting alternative provider which you can use to host your site on different and various cloud hosting servers on one platform with the top support.

This hosting provider offers a wide range of pricing and features where you may only choose the storage space and speed you wish your site to have. Besides, the capacity of features and servers you select will determine the amount of price to pay. This is one of the best line cloud performances.

If you are looking for cloud hosting for the managed WordPress, you are free to go with the cloudways without a risk. The best thing is that you will have a free trial of 3 days.

Features Of Cloudways

Cloudways of one of the largest names in the managed WordPress hosting services. With its top-notch price of $10 per month, you are sure to afford this service without a hassle. If you wonder if Cloudways is the best WPX Hosting alternative for the Cloud Hosting Infrastructure, it surely is.

6. A2 Hosting

This is a well-known provider in the hosting industry and an ideal alternative to WPX Hosting. It aims at providing you with the excellent loading speed of your pages and reliable performance. Also, it offers affordable pricing.

It has inexpensive pricing, and this will help you get unlimited SSD transfer and space. Besides, it provides automatic backups free of charge. Thus, if your site is hacked or cracked, then know A2 Hosting has got your back.

This hosting provider makes sure that you receive an uptime of 99.99% as well as a free SSL Certificate. Also, you get the advantage of free website migration.

You may purchase the A2 Hosting plans for as low as $3.92 for the shared plans, $5.00 for VPS plans, and $99.59 for the dedicated server.

7. ChemiCloud

This is a new provider in the hosting industry. ChemiCloud is an excellent hosting provider that began some years back. From then, it’s provided superb customer service in this industry. Moreover, its internet is faster, more reliable, and secure.

From ChecmiCloud, you’re able to get a varied type of hosting. This provider is backed with SSD and uses the expert grade drivers from SSD that ensures faster access of 300% to your database and files.

You will also be given a free domain name and access to the website builder. ChemiCloud is the finest WPX Hosting alternative that may help you in times of backup, and it backups data automatically. It has a price of $2.76 per month, and you may get additional features like a free SSL certificate, free CN, and free email service.

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