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A Step By Step Guide To Creating Lead Magnets That Actually Convert

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet can help you generate more leads and improve your marketing funnel’s overall conversion rate. Your lead magnet should quickly pique the interest of your buyer persona and give something of value to them.

With a lead magnet, you’re giving away something of value in exchange for the email addresses of people who might be interested in buying from you. Visitors are more likely to join up for your email list and eventually become paying clients if you use this free content.

When it comes to content marketing, lead magnets are a crucial component. Lead magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the following features are common to all of them:

  • Free to deliver
  • A lot of value for the money (perceived as valuable, helpful, or informative)

The Importance Of A Lead Magnet For Every Business

A lead magnet is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your business online. Period. Whatever your business model maybe, this is true regardless of the size of your operation.

Why? For the simple reason that email is so personal. Even if they appreciate your company, people aren’t going to hand over their email addresses without a solid reason. In order to get people to buy from you, you must provide them with a strong reason.

You might write a blog about the best ways to improve your customer service, for example. You ask readers to sign up for your “updates” at the end of the post.

Your readers might sign up for your email list and receive a complimentary PDF case study that details how one organization implemented these 10 tactics to improve customer service.

Which Offer Do You Think Will Get The Most Email Signups?

Knowing the importance of lead magnets, you may question what characteristics create a good lead magnet.

Individuals pay to give away items to people we don’t know. Why is this the case? Why is this so… When it comes to running a successful internet business, an email address is a must.

In order to establish an audience that you “own” and can engage at any time, lead magnets are essential. You can send an email to your subscribers whenever you have a new piece of content, a new product, or are participating in a promotion.

Getting free traffic should tempt you if you’ve ever had to shell out money on Google, Facebook, or any other social media outlet.

Hundreds or even thousands of clicks can be generated by a single email to subscribers. The cost of a similar engagement elsewhere would quickly pile up fast.

Email marketing and paid traffic aren’t mutually exclusive methods of promotion. Email marketing simply allows you to get more out of every visitor who comes to your site.

To drive traffic to a blog post, let’s suppose you pay $0.25 per click. A specific percentage of the content is viewed by each individual visitor; some of those visitors may make a purchase, while others may not.

In that case, they’re gone for good. Re-targeting them until they unsubscribe from your mailing list is a great way to gain their email address in the first place.

The 0.25 cents you spent for a click can now be worth a lot more than you bargained for. One of the most profitable moves you can do for your online business is to give away appealing freebies. I expect you to have at least one new subscriber per month on my mailing list. Wait for it to soak in. This is an exceedingly conservative estimate, though.

It is expected that if you have 1,000 email subscribers, you will earn $1,000 a month.

  • 10,000 subscribers $10,000 month!
  • 50,000 subscribers $50,000 month!!
  • 100,000 subscribers $100,000 month!!!

Email Marketing Facts

Consider the following email marketing facts.

  • Email has a 5x greater chance of being seen than Facebook-Radicati. In terms of return on investment, email marketing generates $3800 – DMA.
  • Marketing Sherpa reports that 72% of consumers prefer email as a method of corporate communication. According to Marketing Sherpa, 61 percent of consumers appreciate receiving promotional emails every week.

So many email marketers are willing to spend a lot of money in order to give their customers the best possible products and services. Despite the buzz around social media platforms, the only thing you own is your email list.

Years of work on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can be quickly undone. Innumerable internet enterprises have been destroyed because they were removed from their sole distribution channel. As a result, how do you build an email list?

Giving value is a good place to start. There is no way to gain email subscribers if you don’t offer something in return. Always begin with the end in mind when manufacturing lead magnets.

What Makes A Great Lead Magnet?

Keep in mind that email addresses aren’t given out as they used to be anymore. If you want to keep your readers/viewers interested in your content, don’t send them emails they don’t care about. As a result, it’s imperative that your lead magnet is carefully crafted to be both attractive and high-quality.

It’s important that a lead magnet meet the following six characteristics.

Provide Immediate Gratification

Your lead magnet ought to be something that is both enticing and immediately useful. Lead magnet downloads are more likely if the recipient can use them in the near future.

They’re not going to give you their email address if you don’t need it right now. Your lead magnet can’t be too general. It’s critical that you tailor your content to your target audience’s specific wants and demands.

Many people make the error of equating the total value with the number of opt-ins. People are more concerned with getting their immediate concerns taken care of than they are with learning about topics that aren’t on their minds right now.

In other words, instead of producing a lead magnet like “The Ultimate Guide to Building Muscle,” consider something far simpler like “My Simple Cure for Muscle Soreness.”

Muscle pain is a problem that is relevant to your topic of study, so you may prefer the less-overwhelming option.

A short, targeted lead magnet is likely to outperform a much larger “ultimate guide” magnet if all other factors are equal.

When creating a lead magnet, make sure it’s easy for subscribers to get their hands on it. The best lead magnets may be downloaded and opened fast and conveniently by the user.

Attracting subscribers is far more difficult when you’re offering lead magnets that involve substantial time commitments (such as a “40-week training course”).

Attract Your Dream Customer

Many marketers make the mistake of generating freebies that do not specify their target audience. Many individuals advertise things like “enter to win an iPad for free!”

This is a problem because free iPads are so popular! It’s a bad sign if someone joins your mailing list just because they desire an iPad. Make sure your lead magnet is a direct representation of what your subscribers will receive in the future.

Are you going to promote a weight loss product? Weight loss should be the focus of your lead magnet if this is the case!

This helps you find your perfect customers among a large pool of potential clients, and it does so without appearing “salesy” or obnoxious. There is nothing wrong with marketing a product or service connected to a topic they’ve already shown an interest in.

Have Real Value

Using a lead magnet gives you the opportunity to build trust with your audience. “If this is the free stuff, what do I get when I buy something?!?” This is how a subscriber will think about your lead magnet. By providing value and earning trust now, your future marketing efforts will be more successful.

Demonstrates Your Expertise In The Field

If you’re going to give out something for free, it shouldn’t be something you just throw together. Take this opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and amaze your new readers with your blog’s new look and feel.

In many cases, lead magnets that were put together hastily wind up hurting the firm or individual’s reputation. There are lead magnets that fail to meet all of these requirements.

Your conversion rates will drop and your subscriber base will be made up of fewer valuable individuals if you stray too far from these best practices.

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Is there a starting point for you to begin? The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch if you already have any material. Lead magnets that are basically repurposed blog posts, videos, podcasts and webinars are some of the best. Because the information is publicly available, are you concerned that people would perceive it as a sham? It doesn’t matter where something comes from; what matters is its monetary worth.

Make certain, though, that your magnet offers a lot of benefits. You may always remove the original content from your lead magnet after it has been created if you feel awful about obtaining emails for content that can be found elsewhere without it.

Using a high-quality piece of content as a lead magnet rather than making it freely available can bring in more money in the long term. Don’t let your site become devoid of the stuff that initially drew users to it.

Never eliminate a piece of content that is generating a significant amount of organic traffic all by itself. An undervalued asset you may have as a content creator that may be a better lead magnet than an old post or video is your body of work.

Best Tips On How To Get More Leads

Be Sure To Test

At scale, even a small percentage rise in rates of conversion can result in a drastic increase in the number of subscribers, which in turn results in more income.

On the other hand, incredibly optimized lead magnets lead to an improved user experience on your site. Specifically, when more individuals are opting in, the website might be likely annoying only a smaller portion of the audience.

A perfect lead magnet is nearly impossible even while doing tests, but there’s always room for improvement.

Meanwhile, testing one element at a time so as to get a better understanding of what contributes to changes in conversions is advised, and the more lead magnets you get, the better.

Creating lead magnets that constitute most sub-niche that enjoy your blog so as to create a variety of media types that speak to a majority of the readers. The form of the content doesn’t really matter as long as the subscribers are really enjoying your content and can become valuable members of my email list.

Lead magnets are valuable when there’s more, and it facilitates better segmentation and targeting, especially when sending emails; they get to the right audience that cares. The benefit of this is you get more active subscribers who are interested in your content hence making more money in the long run.


Showing the right lead magnets to the right audience at the appropriate time will ensure that our display rules are heightened.


The fact is 70% of people that visit your site rarely come back.

The best approach is to focus on converting traffic into long-term followers by dedicating more time and energy to your lead magnets and maximization.

Contrary to what you might think, your readers may like to pop up, especially if it leads them to things they want or helps them.

Creating better lead magnets will make pop-ups more interesting and less annoying.

Monetary Pages Are Treated With Care

You should focus on content first on some of your pages then focus on opt-in after. You want to keep readers on the page with topics that generate serious conversions.

Pages with high buyer intent should think of having exit-intent pop-ups.

Opt-ins Shouldn’t Be Shown To Existing Subscribers

Email subscribers shouldn’t see opt-ins they have already opted in. To ensure this doesn’t happen, there are tools like Thrive Lead’s smart link, which come in handy. The main thing is to create a good experience for the readers and not annoy them.

Run Display Tests On Mobile Devices

Check and confirm that your lead magnet pop-ups work on mobile and tablet. There might be a formatting error that can be irritating to visitors.

Easy To Digest

Keep the content easy and quick to digest. PDF checklists convert really well compared to eBooks or long reports, which make your visitors bored.


Creating more specific lead magnets draws and converts potential customers, which can also be optimized by personalizing lead magnets to the intended landing page.

Getting Your Lead Magnet In Front of Your Audience

There are a number of ways to position lead magnets on your websites to get emails.

Leads from landing pages can still be obtained even if you don’t have a blog (though we would advise all of you to start one). For those with a large following on various social platforms like YouTube, coming up with a landing page and linking it to your videos or posts is the best way to get email sign-ups.

Inline Form

This type of pop-up is incorporated into your website’s content giving readers the option to opt-in while still on the page.

A simple lead magnet where users can easily enter their details like name and email address.

Coming up with opt-ins related to the topic of the blog post can lead to more subscribers.

Pop Up

This type of opt-in pops on top of the fold of the page and gives the reader the option to opt-in or cancel the pop-up. Pop-ups come in a variety and can be controlled by choosing who sees them and when. They can either ask for the users’ email on the page or redirect them to a different landing page.

Slide In

They are less nuisance since they slide in from the sides of the site, and one can easily ignore them. They have display intent commands just like pop-ups.

Welcome Mat

They are the most aggressive of all the pop-ups because they take up the whole page. They force the user to choose what is displayed on the page since nothing else is distracting them.

They are annoying, but this is the most successful method to increase conversion rates.

Content Lock

Some sites require one to opt-in in order to view content. This results in a large conversion turnover.

Footer And Header Bar

They are usually on the top and bottom of site pages and are constant as one browses the page. They are not aggressive, but the conversion rate is lower than most pop-ups.

Sidebar Widget

They are attached to the sidebar of sites and blog posts. They are less aggressive, but their conversion turnaround is not as good as others.

Click Trigger Pop Up

If you are hesitant about using grand pop-ups or annoying your subscribers, this is the way to go. This type of pop-up redirects one to a landing page when a link is clicked.

FAQs On Lead Magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet?

It is an offer given by businesses and, in return, gets contact information from potential prospects. These include free courses, discount codes, and eBooks.

What Is A Good Magnet?

Exceptional lead magnets should be relatable to the intended users. They should focus on making your audiences’ lives better or teach them something.

Costs Of Lead Magnets?

To the users, it’s free, but for businesses, there are research, creation, and distribution costs involved, but there is no definite figure since they vary widely based on the resources available.

What Are The Recommended Types Of Lead Magnets?

There is no definite standard for what is good or bad but what your leads find helpful is what’s best and recommended.

Final Thoughts On Lead Magnet

The most efficient and best lead magnet is what your subscribers or new users find relevant and useful in their day-to-day lives. With this, this kind of lead magnet collecting email market lists becomes easier. Once you are aware of this, it is easier to build or come up with authentic and useful content.

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