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SuiteDash: Is It The Best Client Portal Software For Your Business?

Best Client Portal Software

A Client Portal is a cloud-based gateway for accessing digital content, services and content from a desktop/mobile device over the internet.

Portals can be used to send and receive private messages, manage clients with an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution, download and share big files, and create custom customer journeys (to retain clients and reduce churn rates).

Let’s explore how Client Portals can be used to streamline your activities and improve your business.

The Rise Of Client Portals And Why You Need To Invest In One

Client portals include several toolkits useful to take your business to the next level. One of these is the CRM – Customer Relationship Management software.

According to research by IBM, 74% of businesses using a CRM improved their relationship with customers.

  • 65% of businesses increased their sales quota.
  • 73% of them reported an increase in efficiency.

Nexiva also interviewed a large set of users to find out 90% of consumers expect an online portal for customer service.

  • Out of all customer service engagements around the world in 2017, 52% began online.
  • And 66% of consumers have used at least 3 different communication channels to contact customer service.

Client Portals are the perfect gateway between you and your customers.

What Exactly Can I Do With Suitedash

One of the most popular solutions in the market to create customer portals is “SuiteDash”.

SuiteDash started in 2012 as a small startup, and has now evolved into a structured remote company with team members in the US, EU and Asia.

It has tens of thousands of customers daily, and has received awards from all of the leading review platforms in the world, such as Capterra (Shortlist 2021), Gartner (Best Customer Support) and G2 (High Performer).

SuitDash Features

  • CRM: Manage your customers, corresponding notes, custom details and information to help your staff make sales decisions.
  • Billing: Save your client’s credit card on file, charge them for your services, and give your bookkeeper access to all invoices sent by your company easily.
  • Project Management: Tasks, generators, recurring projects and all of the features you need to properly manage your business’ activities.
  • Client Messaging: It provides a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform to get in touch with your customers and eliminate endless email threads.
  • File Sharing: Its secure, cloud-based infrastructure allows you to save thousands of files in a plethora of formats, and to share them with your customers how and when you desire. We have many different ways to share and receive files from your customers.
  • Pages: Give your clients restricted access to information, deals and news from your company.
  • Email Marketing: Increase your lifetime value per customer by sending bulk emails, scheduled email campaigns and autoresponders. No limits on the number of subscribers.

And some extra perks only available in SuiteDash:

  • LMS: Sell courses, train your customers and help your HR team onboard new staff members. You can do it all, no limits on the number of students or trainees.
  • Pipeline: Salespeople will get an instant upgrade in their efficiency by using the Deals Infrastructure. Track their sales, and help them score new leads easily.
  • Advanced Block Builder: Its pages can be much more complex than simple text documents. You can build them out to function like small internal websites and add external resources such as graphs, iFrames and embeds.
  • Client Access With Superpowers: It offers tons of options when it comes to who can see what in SuiteDash. The level of granularity is unmatched with its competitors, and can help you provide a truly personalized experience.
  • Complete WhiteLabel: You can run the portal as if you developed it. Our brand will never show up.
  • New Updates At Least Every Month: It releases new features frequently. In the last year alone, it published three major new toolkits and shipped tons of new features live.

SuiteDash Pricing Model

SuiteDash offers a flexible pricing model to fit every business’ needs.

Its most popular solutions are its monthly plans:

  • Start ($19/m)
  • Thrive ($49/m)
  • Pinnacle ($99/m)

With all of its plans, you get a discount when purchasing annually.

Its monthly plans are the easiest way to kickstart your journey with the tool, and they’re a low-commitment option too.

There are no contracts and you’re free to downgrade, upgrade or cancel the subscription at any time.

In addition to the monthly plans, it also offers two Power-Ups:

Deliverability Power-Up ($20/m) – It will provide a dedicated IP to send marketing campaigns.
Plus Bundle ($20/m) – Full suite of enhancements such as the Credit Card Vault;

If paying monthly or yearly is not your thing, we thought of that too!

Starting from 2021, SuiteDash offers lifetime deals. And no, it’s not a “one-time thing” – we actually sell you the software for life, with full support and updates included, for a one-time fee.

Here’s the current pricing structure for the lifetime deals:

  • Start ($720)
  • Thrive ($1920)
  • Pinnacle ($3840)

Lifetime deals are bigger investments from the get go, but can give you peace of mind you’ll never get charged again and provide an invaluable All-In-One business tool for your company.

Innovative Approach To Support And Education

The SuiteDash business model is a bit different from what you’d normally see.

Since its solution is fully white-labeled regardless of which plan you choose, your clients will never know who we are. Our strategy is not centered around us.

In addition to its ticketing solution, it provides five innovative touchpoints for support:

  • SuiteDash Academy: If you’re more of a visual learner, reading through its documentation can be daunting. Its easy-to-follow courses to get you started in a video format.
  • AI-based Documentation: There are HUNDREDS of articles on ALL features in the platform.
  • How-To Guides: Step-by-step guides with instructions with screenshots. If videos are taking too much of your time, this is your go-to solution.
  • Q&A Weekly Webinars: Every week, its CEO and Learning Manager hop on a live session with customers interested to get more out of SuiteDash. Each session is open for live Q&A and gets posted on YouTube in a neatly organized playlist (with chapters) the following week.
  • Wizarding Sessions: SuiteDash Wizards will help you set up your portal by answering your questions on a one-on-one call.

Alternatives To SuiteDash

SuiteDash isn’t the only client portal builder in the market.

The biggest competitors are:

  • Zendesk: Leading the market by popularity and adoption, Zendesk provides an easy-to-use interface to create nice-looking and functional customer portals. They serve hundreds of thousands of customers and proved to be a reliable solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • vCita: The most similar product to SuiteDash, vCita provides an innovative design and mobile app for your business, allowing you to capture a younger audience and focus on visuals. Their setup is minimal and you can get started in a few clicks.
  • Odoo: Another popular solution for larger businesses, Odoo can be a good SuiteDash alternative if you need a more extensive set of tools to run your operations. Other than a Client Portal, Odoo offers a huge suite of services, tools and processes to run your business.
  • StackerHQ: No-code is the future of programming, and Stacker is a great solution if you want to build your customer portal from the ground up without coding. Of course, this will take longer, but the end result will be a completely custom solution with all the features you need and the potential to expand the software into new markets.
  • Accelo: Accelo is used and loved by professional service businesses around the world to manage their client work, profitably. The end-to-end cloud-based platform manages all aspects of client work delivery, from prospect to payment, including sales, projects, tickets, retainers, timesheets, resourcing and more, regardless of where you are.
  • Portal: Modern customer portal that lets you streamline the experience for your clients. With Portal Modules, offer clients one unified place for messaging, file-sharing, eSignatures, payments, forms, and self-serve support. With Portal Extensions, connect products you already use like Airtable, ClickUp, Calendly, and Google Data Studio.
  • OneHub: The only client portal software solution focused on file delivery and management. More similar to Google Drive or Dropbox with superpower, this can be the right fit if your business mainly works with large files and needs versioning, comments and advanced features for file management.


SuiteDash provides one of the best Client Portal Software in the World. It is also one of the most functional All-In-One business suites out there.

Trying out SuiteDash is incredibly easy and effortless. It doesn’t ask for your credit card information, and won’t bombard you with deals, add-ons or other things you don’t care about.

Looking for customer relationship management software for your business? Find MCP’s list of the Best Customer Relationship Management Software Solutions.

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