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Best CRM Software Systems To Stand Out From Your Competitors, And Sell Smarter

CRM Software Systems For Business

We have rounded up the 20 best CRM software systems for businesses that you can use to promote your online business. These CRM software have proven track record of better lead conversion, lead generation, and help you better understand your customers better.

1.  Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. Transform your business with the world’s favorite customer relationship management software.

Zoho CRM gives your sales reps insight into every stage of your sales cycle—lead generation, lead capturing, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Using modules for leads, contacts, deals, accounts, and activities, not only can you accurately track your business processes, you can also effectively identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling in the future.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Their customer service, support desk it good.

Pros: The ease of use of this cloud-based CRM was great. Not much training required although I can’t say we used it to its full potential. It is a great tool to track clients and prospects, keep notes, contracts, etc.

Cons: What I liked least about this software is that you can easily end up with the same accounts listed twice in the system, especially if you have multiple users. Reps also forget to move a prospect to a client.

2. NetSuite CRM

NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the only cloud solution that delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle—from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support.


  • Streamlines lead-to-cash processes.
  • Elevates productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Improves sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commission management and more.
  • Helps you manage global sales and services organizations.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Odoo brings ERP at the best price point – without compromising on features! No other ERP comes close to this level of support and user satisfaction. The bigger companies get you bogged down with years of custom development that you don’t really need. Odoo cuts through to give you just what you need, and then supports you through the years with upgrades and maintenance.

What do you dislike?

The documentation is somewhat lacking, and custom development can be a tar-baby. Because of this I highly recommend using one of Odoo’s partners to do an implementation, they know the ins and outs of Odoo and can help you avoid wasting time and resources, and if they are honest with you (most are) they will steer you away from unnecessary custom development, when an existing module can be made to work.
Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

My previous employer was using Quickbooks Enterprise which was simply insufficient for their needs, and I was tasked with finding a replacement. When I found Odoo, it was exactly what they needed. The benefits were obvious – no more orders dropped between the cracks! Everything has a status, and everyone knows what to expect at all times. No more manual syncing between various tracking software and endpoints – Odoo handles all of it. There are still a lot of things left to implement, but if they continue to invest in Odoo, the business will be transformed. Since leaving that employer to start a new company, I now install Odoo for all sorts of businesses, and we continue to see the benefits. We use it ourselves, every day.

3. Sugar CRM

See a clear picture of each customer without all the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRMs. With SugarCRM, marketing, sales, and customer service teams can finally let the platform do the work.

Instantly see relevant and connected customer data, including past, present and future insights.

Automatically capture customer information and present it in context to everyone who needs it.

Seamlessly leverage a CRM platform built around your needs and workflows.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Overall my experience with this CRM is great. I am using it daily and I can say that my daily work is incomplete without it. It is so simple to use and provides amazing results for reports and dashboards, their customer’s support team is very responsive.

Pros: I am using it for more than three years and like almost everything about it. This CRM is very easy to use because of its simple design and easy to use user interface. I like the way SugarCRM provides reports and dashboards which is very easy to understand. SugarCRM provides secruity of data and information and now I can handle the different campaigns, create a different campaign for anyone and even get a complete picture of it very easily.

Cons: I would like to highlight one thing that I dislike about it which is its overall cost. A small organization may not afford this CRM but overall it is worth to spend on it.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool for small teams with big ambitions. It visualises your sales pipeline and helps to make sure important activities and conversations won’t get dropped. Salespeople really like it because it’s easy to use and intuitive. And managers like it because they don’t need to nag their team to use their CRM.

Review: Software Advice

We migrated from Saleforce Business License, where we spent 8x the money we spend now for Pipdedrive. We paid for Salesforce features we never used and wanted to go back to the basics. Tracking your sales funnels and making deals.


Fast, intuitive and in a permant upgrade mode of new features


They run a mid-agressive upselling strategy with additional features you have to pay for.

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5. Insightly

Reach your customers at the right time with the right message to build personalized brand experiences, stand out from your competitors, and sell smarter.

Building strong relationships with your customers oftentimes involves understanding a complex web of their interactions with teammates, bosses, other teams within the business, and partners.

Convert won opportunities to projects seamlessly, without losing any data.

Capture and store data and the relationships between datasets with custom objects. Set permissions and visibility for records by business role or department, and schedule and run reports from anywhere.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

As a freelancer, Insightly makes it so much easier to keep track of clients and potential leads than trying to do it with Gmail alone. I can easily see who I’ve contacted, when communication took place, and add notes.
Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

There’s a Gmail integration, but it’s lacking. I still generally need to do quite a bit manually to keep personal or otherwise irrelevant contacts out, and I need to manually add notes and go through occasionally to see who is no longer at their respective organizations. (This was a bit of a challenge after all the pandemic-related layoffs.) The system attempts to link contacts’ social media accounts, but it’s not always accurate, especially for those with more common names. The design feels out-of-date, but it’s fine for something that’s free.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Insightly is great for keeping contacts organized and being able to easily see my records and notes on each of them. It’s so much easier than trying to track contacts via Gmail or Word, and it’s a good free solution for a freelancer who doesn’t have a big budget for business tools.

6. Nimble

Nimble is the only CRM that creates auto-enriched contact profiles from anywhere on the web. Simply hover over any name and the Nimble Prospector browser extension will deliver actionable contact information, business insights, and interaction history to cut your time spent on data entry in half.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Overall I have been happy with this product. It keeps evolving and keeps getting, generally better. The customer service is over the top. Quick response, always there if we have a questions. I like that!

Pros: Easy to assign tags and group the ones you want to use to target specific groups for marketing purposes.

Cons: New UI for data entry is not as efficient as it used to be. Still simple but simple data priorities such as which phone number is primary is no longer available. You actually need to open the whole contact window to see all the data while before the summary gave the most important info.

7. Close

Close is the sales engagement CRM designed to help SMBs turn more leads into revenue. At Close, were dedicated to the business of the future: smart, agile teams who work remotely. If youre a tech-enabled team who needs to scale without overpaying for enterprise software, youve found the right sales tool. Close lets you email, call, and text your leads all without add-ons.

Close is cloud-based, affordable, easy to learn and comes with straight-forward pricing, which makes it the perfect fit for small and midsize businesses.

Review: Software Advice

Overall: it’s been a good but not great experience. The basics are covered for a CRM but some what seems like basic features are still missing.

Pros: I love the automated email sequences to help with my outbound prospecting efforts. This enables me to ‘set it and forget it” to ensure proper follow up is happening with prospects.

Cons: I don’t like that you can’t map specific email chains to specific opportunities. Furthermore, you can’t upload files which is a real drawback and support suggested I just link to google shared drives.

8. Capsule

Capsule from Zestia is a cloud-based CRM application that enables small and midsize organizations to keep track of the people and organizations they do business with, along with their interactions and opportunities in the sales pipeline. Capsule also provides a ticket management module to help employees resolve customer support inquiries.

It also allows users to define sales processes with configurable milestones for each stage of the pipeline. Each milestone is linked with a success criterion that is used to generate revenue forecasts.

Review: G2

The software is simple to use, it has a wide range of tools that you can use. However, the great thing you dont have to use all the features and they are hidden away, so they dont affect your everyday usage. Incredibly for this type of software and all the tools you can access, it is incredibly affordable for personal, small business or large companies. We really love the product

Pros: We have used this software for over five years. We used to use act and were reluctant to move to another provider. We moved because we could use the software on all forms of devices, anywhere in the world. The other great feature is that it is so simple to use, you hardly need any training at all

Cons: Actually we love it, so we dont really have anything negative to say

9. Apptivo

No more juggling between various apps. Increase your productivity and boost your client relationship by managing your Customers, Finances, and Support right from your pocket. Get all the following apps in one CRM, Invoices, Projects, Work Orders, Timesheets, Orders, Estimates, Help Desk, Expenses Reports.

Apptivo is a cloud platform of integrated business apps designed for companies of all shapes & sizes. Manage nearly any business task using Apptivo’s Apps, from sales & marketing, to billing & support, and everything in between.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

The representatives on the Chat are actual people, not chatbots, which is nice. They typically respond with a link to a web-based answer to your questions so you can refer to the screen shots and step by step instructions. However, today Rajesh did a screen share with me and showed me the correct way to set up IMAP – enormously helpful and it got the task completed for me.

What do you dislike?

The UX is clunky to me. Not very intuitive for new users like me. It’s been time-consuming to learn the system.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Learning to use the platform and setup.

10. Agile CRM

Agile CRM Auto-dialer software helps Automate, streamline and manage your telephone outreach. Take customer interaction to the next level with Agile CRM’s industry-leading power dialer feature.

Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.

Agile’s modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.

Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Agile CRM is a solution that is responsible for managing customer relationships with a cloud backend, offering tools such as contact management, marketing automation, project management, telephony tools, thus enabling users to manage customer data. Agile CRM also has email reporting that works seamlessly to track on such growth reports

What do you dislike?

Within Agile CRM I tend to dislike several functions but without any doubt the one that mainly influences is the lack of articles that grant the knowledge to in this way give way to all the functions that this tool possesses, just like the interface needs an update where the same is more elegant

11. Pipeliner

Pipeliner CRM Cloud is available in three versions: Starter, Business & Enterprise and delivers a level of visualization and instant, dynamic insights unrivaled in the CRM space. This ensures a supreme user experience, short learning curve plus high and rapid adoption rates.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Its user friendly and can be accessed even in areas where internet connection is limited. It also puts everything you need into one place, the data that is collected is being accessible to everyone who need to use it.

What do you dislike?

It has eliminate the human element from the business factor. Although it speeds up processes but sometimes its important to do the work on one’s own.

12. Really Simple Systems

Create effortless organisation with a centralised hub, where everything is in one place. Our cloud CRM software gives full visibility of your customer interactions and builds upon the strength of your team and relationships.

View and track your sales from inquiry to close and automate your processes to prioritise your best leads. Gain valuable insights from your customer data with detailed reports and analysis.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

The system is really easy to navigate and tailor to our specific requirements. The support is always excellent and staff are always ready to help out and advise where they can. The customisable options have enabled us to tailor the system completely to our needs and the reporting function is great too. We researched a number of CRM’s for small business and this was by far the best and great value too.

What do you dislike?

I honestly can’t think of anything. It does everything we need and more. So glad we found it as much nicer to use and deal with compared to other systems out there.

13. SutiCRM

SutiCRM is a SaaS-based customer relationship management solution that streamlines your marketing and sales activities. Launch campaigns, manage leads, opportunities and forecasts while reaching your target audience. The centralized, easy to use, and mobile-friendly cloud CRM software provides insight into your company’s marketing and sales activities and helps you close deals more effectively.

Review: Capterra

Overall: I’ve tried a couple different CRM’s and none are as simple and straightforward as SutiCRM. Also not having to compromise on pricing but still getting robust CRM functionality is awesome. Highly recommend.

Pros: Great for small business. Above all else, it is super customizable which is important for me. It can be customized by the admin without contacting Suti, or you can contact Suti support for help. The simple user interface makes it easy to learn and navigate. Email campaigns & tracking are top notch for the pricing. Really easy to see a high level view of an entire team’s pipeline, as well as drill down to the detailed reports.

Cons: Does not currently have all API integrations that some bigger CRM providers offer, but I believe Outlook and QuickBooks integration are coming by Q1 2019.

14. Soffront CRM

Soffront CRM is an on-premise customer relationship management solution that caters to small and mid-size organizations across various industries.

Soffront CRM gives businesses the tools to manage customer services while also monitoring the productivity of their sales team and the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Saffron CRM can also be customized to an organization’s unique workflow, user count and processes. Users can configure the solution with drag-and-drop functionality provided within the solution.

Review: G2

Pros: I like that it was easy to customize the tabs specifically to our sales cycle. Soffront makes it very easy to stay on task and organize the sales process.

Cons: Some actions with Groups aren’t as intuitive as other actions in the software, but I usually figure it out. As with many programs, it takes a little practice to remember everything.

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15. EngageBay

EngageBay’s free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution helps you organize all your email contacts, track deals and the sales pipeline to grow your sales, and build meaningful customer relationships.

EngageBay’s free CRM allows you to view your deal pipeline and track the status of every deal in a single location, organized in stages. Within the CRM, you can move the deal from one stage to another using simple drag and drop operations.

Review: Software Advice

I am so happy that I found engagebay!

Pros: I really signed up for so many softwares. I needed GetResponse, HubSpot, funnel.io & automate.io to build my Funnel. It cost me 1,2k a month. EngageBay has all that functions in one. And its so sheep. The support is so good and fast.

Cons: The dashboard reporting. Its not bad at all. But for my situation, I could need more customizability to create a KPI Dashboard.

16. Deskera CRM

Deskera CRM pipeline gives you complete visibility across all stages of the pipeline. Drag and drop deals to update the pipeline stages.

Mark deal as won or lost and view real-time insights on your dashboard. View all deal information such as deal value, deal stage, linked contacts, email conversations, notes, documents, and more at a glance with Deskera CRM Software.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

It is an all-in-one business management software with a very short learning curve. Real time connection will almost every bank is truly impressive. Both iOS and Android apps are awesome.

What do you dislike?

Very little integration capabilities with other software. But their recent update preview shows that it will be resolved very soon.

17. Commence CRM

Commence CRM is ideal for small businesses because it offers more functionality and flexibility than traditional low cost cookie cutter solutions, but without the cost and complexity of industry giants.

Commence CRM software has a proven track record of helping customers enhance sales by automating sales and customer relationship management. We achieve this by providing a full set of tools that encompass contact management, lead management, sales opportunity management, activity management, marketing campaign management, customer service, project management, and more.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Commence has customized every aspect of their program to meet our particular processes
Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

We have made the decision to remain on a client bases system which requires regular syncing and has kept us from moving forward to more robust versions of the product. This results in lags in information sharing and additional support requirements for users who fail to sync regularly.

18. AllClients

AllClients web-based CRM software was specifically designed with the non-technical business owner in mind. No training is needed. Jump right in and you will see how easy it is. We also provide video tutorials that can take you through the system step by step.

Our CRM software is an all-in-one, integrated online contact management solution.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

AllClients is one of the most intuitive CRM platforms that we’ve ever used. Our team loves how easy it is to navigate the system and customize features to fit our business needs and goals. This has made our agency run more efficiently and effectively. Their customer support team is amazing (Thanks Jen!!) and we appreciate their dedication to providing fast, high-quality customer service. We have used AllClients for years and have been so happy with the results and experience. We highly recommend AllClients.

What do you dislike?

Nothing to mention at this time. Very happy with platform.

19. Keap

Keap’s CRM and sales and marketing platform was built to help you ramatically grow your sales and save time by eliminating business chaos.Keap helps small businesses across various industries streamline sales and manage customer experiences.

Users can segment contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, as well as run campaigns with personalized communication triggers based on emails opened, clicks, and more.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Once you learn how to use the Keap system it is so easy to generate email campaigns. I love the ability to make calls and send texts through the app on my cell phone. This way clients, and future clients, get a phone number that is not your personal cell number but you get the phone calls on your personal cell number. When a client calls it will bring up them through the Keap app and you get all their info right away.
Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

The only dislike is that it takes a little time to learn how to set up the proper email sequences. Once you do the system is great.

20. Sendinblue

At Sendinblue, we only charge based on the emails you actually send. Enjoy unlimited subscribers and unleash the power of proper segmentation.

Easily create emails with our drag-and-drop builder or use our pre-designed templates that are impactful and relevant but most importantly save you time.

Engage with your audience effectively by segmenting. Improve your conversions or sales by targeting a smaller subset of your contacts to align content with exactly what they need.

Review: Capterra

Overall: This marketing software really has help us managing and planning our email marketing campaign and its effectiveness to the maximum. I really like that all the report for the marketing campaign is filled with useful analytics report that we have use it to measure the marketing campaign rate of successful.

Pros: I really like all the marketing feature and option that are provided by Sendinblue. It has all i need for automation marketing process, like email marketing manager and newsletter builder. The inboxes help to store customer’s previous email history, so we can serve and response to their inquiries email better.

Cons: The customer service is not as active as it should be, they are not operation for 24/7 and as our company is on difference time zone, it is difficult to have a real-time chat session with them. An integration with other outside service like Gmail also will add more flexibility to our marketing process.

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