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Tips To Edit YouTube Videos To Get The Best Results In Post-production

How to edit youtube videos

If you are a video marketer, editing is probably the most important part of postproduction. You can start this process until your footage is cut together seamlessly, causing your viewers to disengage if it is not done correctly. For beginners, software like Adobe Audition might be most suitable.

To make your YouTube Videos engaging, try the YouTube Help page for video editing.

Download YouTube Studio To Edit Your Videos

Editing YouTube videos is made convenient with YouTube studio. Publishing information on YouTube studio, including signing in to YouTube and uploading a video on one’s channel. The editor has access to details of the video for customization.

You can edit YouTube videos easily with a few clicks of the mouse. Visit the Visibility screen to make your video public, unlisted, or private. You can also schedule a date for later publishing.

If your video clips have awkward pauses, this option allows you to cut out the parts you don’t want.

To Edit A YouTube Video:

  • Go to the spot in the timeline where you want to move the video.
  • Click Preview, then Play from that point on the window until you get to where you want your video clip to end.
  • Click Save, and YouTube will trim out everything in between.

Want to find free and copyright-free music for your video? Check the list of tracks under free music on screen. You can immediately add a track by clicking the plus sign next to the music note in the bottom left.

Click the Audio Library link to find more free music and sound effects. You can also search for music by title, genre, artist name, and other factors. Click the Play button next to any track to hear it. Click Add next to the track you want to insert in your video.

Edit YouTube Video In Microsoft Photos

The app Photos is included with Windows 10, and it has a very effective video editor. It offers more features than YouTube does, such as editing videos without needing to scrub through timeline footage.

You can use YouTube’s new online video editor to cut videos on your computer and upload them for editing for free. All you need to do is open the application, import the video you would like to edit, and then drag it into the storyboard.

Use iMovie To Make the Edits

Editing YouTube videos is easy with Apple’s free editing software, iMovie. Download the program from the App Store, go to the My Videos section on the main screen, import your video, and drag it to your desired spot on the timeline.

Through editing, you can now change an array of actions on your videos. Select the spot in the video where you want to trim or split the clip, select edit, and then select Trim to Playhead, Trim to Clip Edge, or Split Clip.

Bear Video Editor offers all the features necessary to edit your video. From the video clip, adjust balancing colors, noise reduction, and speed.

Apple mac users looking for a free video editor can also try the free version of DaVinci Resolve, VN Video Editor, OpenShot, and Movavi Video Editor. It comes with quality editing tools to make your videos perfect.

Tips For Editing Your YouTube Videos

Create Engaging Titles

With a storyboard, you can edit and customize YouTube videos. Add a title card and choose a style and duration and click done when finished.

Click the Trim tab from the top menu to edit your video. Move the scissors up and down to set the start and end of your video, then click Done. You can also choose to split your video into two or more parts by selecting the Split tab and setting the location using the new slider. Click Done when finished.

Once you are done editing your video, click the Finish video icon. Export, save, or share it with any social media site by choosing one of its various qualities.

Create Engaging Thumbnails

Because thumbnails are the first thing a viewer sees before watching a video, they are your first chance to capture attention. Capture screenshots and machine learning to generate custom, professional-looking thumbnails in under five seconds.

A well-designed video thumbnail will leave your audience wanting to learn more. The most intriguing thumbnails are taken from moments within the video or feature text to pique interest in an enticing way

Tell An Engaging Story

Fortunately, with the right narration script, video editing techniques will make your creation a successful presentation. We want to watch a story, which is why it’s important to have a beginning, middle, and end.

Use Appealing Features

When you edit your videos, consider what will keep the viewer engaged by involving interactive elements like images, text, shapes, animations, music, fun transitions, or other effects.

Establish A Credible Baseline For Your Video

After you develop a baseline editing style for your videos, you can keep your creative juices flowing by editing different aspects of your video.

Create a consistent editing style with Copymatic editing software that allows you to easily add YouTube video effects and customized animation without extensive planning.

Edit your videos to keep your audience engaged by giving them teasers at the beginning of your videos. For example, maybe you always give a snippet at the beginning of your videos to draw in viewers that show what will happen later.

Choose A Simple Theme

Too many distracting transitions, images, and text will have the opposite effect of drawing viewers into your video content. Keep your video short by limiting visuals and stressing the importance.

Final Thoughts

Editing videos can be tedious, especially if you’re sitting in front of a screen for long periods. It is beneficial to step away (leave your computer) for a while so that you come back fresh and energized, and ready to make that last cut.

It is easy to get stuck editing videos for many hours. Sometimes you take a break and come back, and the next thing you know, your video is phenomenal. The rule of thumb is that if you go away for a while and then come back with a fresh perspective, it should still be good.

Whether you use YouTube’s native tools or third-party software, editing your videos should be fun. Take the time to understand what works best and what is not going to work for you. You should have a consistent editing strategy in place and always stick to that editing strategy..

Are you looking for Video Editing Software to edit video and other activities? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Editing Software.

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