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Bring Your Video To Life With Lightworks’ Awesome Tools

lightworks video editing software windows

One thing that makes Lightworks stand out as a free video editing software is its relatively out-of-the-ordinary background. This software was created from premium video editing software that was employed in Hollywood studios and in the making of classic movies like Pulp Fiction.

Presently, Lightworks is equally capable of handling digital media. It has both, free and paid versions. Although the free version has so many powerful features, it is highly restricted in export options.

Although Lightworks has easy instructions for setting up your first project, they pale compared to the sophisticated tutorials and wizards available in certain other applications. Even though it supports all of the paid version’s import formats, getting everything to import seamlessly for novices may be difficult.

For instance, you must establish project parameters like resolution, frame rate, and so on to successfully import the files. Should you set any parameter different from that in your video, you’ll have to adjust the settings until you get it right.

It’s also one of the most robust free video editors available. Its visual effect tools are readily available and allow you to fine-tune every aspect of a picture to a granular level of detail. You may finely tune subtitles down to the exact pixels of their orientations and locations, as well as precisely customize their shadows.

However, if you want to use the drag and drop effects, this software won’t offer much to you.

Why Should You Buy Lightworks Pro

As stated earlier, the free version limits users in terms of resolution and formats they can export. For instance, the highest resolution you can export on the free version is 720p, with MPEG4/H.264 as the only format. The good thing is that you can export to Vimeo and YouTube directly, without downloading the files first.

You may not also access other features like 3D, project sharing, and timeline rendering on the free version.
Due to the limitations in terms of export formats, Lightworks is unsuitable for any serious video editing enthusiast. Home creators who don’t mind the resolution cap at 720p are also limited, making the software more of a try-before-you-buy than a free useful application. The free version only lets you see what the paid version can offer.

Features Of Lightworks


When you first start Lightworks, you’ll see tiles. These tiles will show past projects created using the video editing software. You’ll appreciate how pleasant it is to the eyes when you’ve imported the film you wish to edit. The editing components are spread out across various tabs on top, including LOC, Edit, VFX, and Audio.

Their simple design is appealing to the eye but is not immune to errors. The exporting option may be difficult to locate since it’s already built into the video editing timeline. It is only accessible via a right-click, which is not the case with other computer software. You’ll need to read the manual because the layout isn’t as easy to understand as other editing software.


You can use command keys (like Delete) to clip the video. To trim a part of the footage, simply slide the scrubber to highlight the section you want to segment. Press the Delete key on the keyboard to apply the change. This is a big timesaver.

Although this video editing software is free, it still includes more sophisticated capabilities. One of its most praised features is Color Correction and Correction. You may also utilize Color Curves, a new feature introduced in Version 11.5, to create pinpoint colors.

Within the software, projects may be readily shared to video-sharing sites. When you’ve finished exporting the movie, a pop-up appears with options for where you want to post it, such as Vimeo and Youtube.

There is no significant problem with rendering. Videos are processed at a considerably high speed. You could even work on a new project while the video is being processed in the background. The free edition allows you to save videos in resolutions up to 720p.

What Are The System Requirements For Running This Software?

Lightworks is one of the most popular free video editing software. It is a professional-level editing program that you can download for free and use on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

It is not heavy in terms of system requirements. For Windows users, the minimum OS requirement is Windows Vista. If you have a Linux system on RPM Distros, you need Mint 17; and if you are on Debian, you need Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu 14.04 as the minimum system requirements. macOS users can install and use Lightworks on MacOS version 10.9 or higher.

The recommended RAM requirement is 3GB or more.

Is There A Better Alternative?

The best free video editor software competition is fierce. There are several great platforms to check out, including Davinci Resolve. This program may be used by Mac, Linux, and Windows users to add enchantment to their movies.

Davinci Resolve, like Lightworks, is a non-linear editing software. This free editing program was created by Blackmagic Design to enable users to make sophisticated edits. There are four different versions of this editor, each with its own language support.

Final Thought

Lightwork’s intuitive and efficient user interface allows you to produce more incredible works of art faster and more effectively. This is what differentiates itself from the competition right away.

Although Editshare developed Lightworks as commercial software, it is aimed to be an open-source program. Currently, they are working with up to three third-party entities for different services. These include GoPro CineForm for compression services and OpenSSL for encryption, among others. Editshare is continuously improving Lightworks to suit all types of creators.

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