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15 Best Social Video Making Tools To Increase Traffic And Sales

Social Video Making Tools

Video is one of the most important parts of digital marketing strategy. It boosts sales and traffic, promotes engagement, and increases the chances of better conversions. Through videos, you can better explain the features of your products and services.

However, creating videos is not as esay as writing a blog post or creating a tweet. It takes time. And, you need tools to create videos. We have compiled a list of 15 best social video making tools to create videos for social media posts and blogs.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Create graphics, collages, flyers, videos and animations that look professional in just a few taps. Web and mobile-based media creation application that enables medium to small enterprises as well as educational institutions to create social graphics, short videos and web pages using various in-built, customizable tools, that includes logos, themes, template, texts, design filters, animations, icons, voices and more.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Adobe Spark is a great product alternative to the cookie-cutter formats contained within similar products like Canva. For our team, it’s easy to set up themes, branding, and templates for on-site users to utilize and customize. It takes less of the guesswork out of content creation. The best thing is with a team account we’re able to go in and set standards and framework for content so we don’t have items or content being pushed out or shared that goes completley against our guidelines or formats.

What do you dislike?

Like all Adobe products, Spark gets the job done and is easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, it comes with a price. Compared to Canva or similar photo editing/content creating tools, the price might come with sticker-shock. But with the additional assets and abilities, it ends up being worth it. The plus is, there’s always a 30-day trial window to see if you and your team truly utilize it enough to validate the expense.

2. Animaker



A platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos for every moment of our life.

Make super appealing onboarding, orientation, and compliance videos in a jiffy. You don’t need to depend on professional video creators anymore.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Animaker is a very simple application with having an excellent and easy-to-understand user interface. Do not need additional time to make basic animated video clips. Also, an individual without any earlier practical experience regarding how to produce a good animated video would find it simple by using this application.

What do you dislike?

I didn’t deal with any kind of difficulties with the application, therefore I don’t have any despises.

3. Moovly


Create your explainer videos, promo videos, video tutorials or training videos with Moovly’s online video editor and customizable templates.

Pick a template from the growing list of professionally made video templates and modify it to meet your needs.

Browse through millions of royalty-free illustrations, photos, footage, music and sounds to build the video you need in any style you like.

Review: Capterra

Overall: I was not able to get any benefits except a wasted work day, my project would not open again.

Pros: I did like the short videos, however I was not able to use the video at all because I wasn’t able to get back into my project.

Cons: The backbone of the software needs to be worked on, there are several glitches whenever editing the video, and for me, I wasn’t able to get back into the video I previously made after coming back to it. Customer service got back to me once a day, and asked me the simplest questions for about 3 days. By then I have already lost 3 days and my project is about to be presented, so I have an alternative that won’t fail. Very frustrated that I spent a work day on a video that I can’t even get back into, even with customer support.

4. Animoto



Join millions of people creating and sharing videos with its easy drag and drop video maker. No experience necessary. Choose from over 1 million Getty Images photos and clips. Select from thousands of licensed songs.

Make each video your own with intuitive color, text, and design tools. Add your logo as a watermark to build brand awareness.

Create square, landscape, and vertical videos to share to social media and beyond. There are no creation or download limits on any Animoto plan.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Easily create slideshows set to music, this program has been perfect for presenting images in an emotive way to my clients.

Pros: Syncs to Vimeo, facebook & more Export for USB Easy to use

Cons: The music is somewhat limited

5. Biteable


Biteable calls itself – “The world’s simplest video maker that gives you professional quality.” It has a huge collection of pre-made video templates to choose from. They have sorted them well, to ensure consistency of the graphics. (This makes it one of the top video making tools out there.)

Review: Software Advice

Easy to use video maker tool.

Was looking to produce video content for clients we work with but other providers charge $’000s to create rudimentary video that converts less effectively than Biteable video.


Super easy to use for any beginner with limited video creation expertise. Able to produce usable content quickly and at scale. Helps to produce daily videos for social media feeds. Far superior to alternative offerings.


Sometimes had to produce different shapes or varying duration video that was difficult in v1 product. They’ve relaunched a tool especially for social media managers that now solves this issue.

6. Vyond


Vyond’s online animation software allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, training, and eLearning. Vyond is changing the way the world communicates, one video at a time.

Vyond lets you create videos easily with its library of templates, sounds, props, and so much more. Great for training your distributed workforce or achieving higher conversion rates for your marketing team — while being flexible and affordable enough for any organization.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Vyond is a good tool for video creation. It has a ton of functions that allow someone with little video creation skills to create animated videos. There is a wide selection of preconfigured templates and character animations. I like that it also allows you to add audio to your video in several ways and provides a great collection of music for background sound. I find the video editor very easy to use compared to other products. Having the ability to upload our own content and add animation is a huge plus for us as well. Marketing ideas tend to come to me randomly, so having the freedom to login at no additional cost, approval process, etc. to my company is a huge reward. We currently use Vyond for animated welcome emails and social media promotions. We are hoping to expand our efforts to explainer videos, company culture/training videos, customer testimonials, and more.

What do you dislike?

In my opinion, the cost is a little high compared to other tools on the market. Even though there is a wide selection of templates, I think they could have more templates and scenes to piece together for common marketing videos. I find that a ton of the animation/characters used are used in many online videos – so having more “styles” to choose from would definitely be a plus. Many of the competitors also offer stock videos and photography, so that would also be helpful and make the creation process faster (instead of uploading our own).

Are you looking for Video Making Software for your business? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Making Software.

7. iMovie


With iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. It’s easy to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, then finish on your Mac.

With iMovie, create professional-looking videos without an editing degree. Easily add photos and videos to projects, trim clips with your finger, add seamless transitions, and fade audio like a pro.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

I love how easy it is to take my video footage, import it, and add titles, transitions, and other features. Trimming my clips is so easy with the option to expand (zoom in) on the film roll and audio track. I was able to teach myself how to use this software and have learned a ton just by messing around with it and practicing. The options for how to share your movie are great as well. If you are making multiple movies with the same theme, it is easy to keep the same setup and drop in other movie clips.

If you are a beginner looking to make professional quality movies at a great price then iMovie is a great fit for you!

What do you dislike?

Probably the most challenging part for me at first was figuring out how to import the correct clips from the right source and get them added to my project. Once I figured out that process, it was easy to add one or more clips to my project. Again for me the key was just having fun with iMovie and testing and trying different things. It really is fairly intuitive.

8. Magisto


Magisto smart video editor transforms the video and photos you shoot into polished short videos with emotion and excitement at the core of every story.

When you upload videos and pictures to Magisto, its artificial intelligence engines get to work analyzing your footage. Our algorithms take a virtual look at all of the video and photographs you upload for your video and breaks down analysis on three levels – visual analysis, audio analysis and storytelling.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Magesto has a great library of templates and music to chose from. It is very simple to use but that then becomes its shortcoming

What do you dislike?

No ability to edit what it creates. It will chop up a long video, cutting out some of the audio and there is now way to edit this. This is more a tool for hobbyists and us such is way overpriced. Better for great slideshows than video content. It should be no more than $9.99 a month

9. Powtoon


Powtoon empowers anyone to achieve measurable results by turning everyday communication into visual experiences that get their audience to care, connect, and act.

One platform to create, manage, and distribute all of your videos and visual communications.

Make it easy for your team to transform traditional materials into engaging videos and branded visual content at scale.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Cannot say enough good things about this software. Super fun to create videos, it is not the norm, hold clients’ attention. They give great advice and techniques to help you make the best PowToon. Templates are awesome.

Pros: Love that when I have a question, I can email them and they respond very quickly. They go above and beyond. It is easy to teach yourself, but the tutorials are also great. My daughter has created a few of them herself, and she is 10 years old. You can customize to anything you need it to be. Love the option to do voice over or music. Incredibly user friendly. Cannot say enough awesome things about this program.


10. Rocketium


Automate creative management with templates, feed data, AI-powered resizing and writing. Integrate with your tools, collaborate on the go, deliver in all formats.

Rocketium’s suite of products makes graphic design production fast and scalable. In doing so, it unlocks massive opportunities for different teams in an organization – be it marketers and design teams working on high-performance campaigns or brand managers and business stakeholders that want flexibility in the process as well as control over the brand.

Review: Capterra

Overall: I’m sure you are familiar with the online graphics app called Canva, it’s great for making images for social media. To me, Rocketium very much solves the same pain point but in video-format. Just as Canva enables ‘anyone to become a designer’ Rocketium allows anyone to become a ‘video creator’. For a long time I’ve seen how popular ‘typographic’ videos are on social, since they can be viewed (and read) whether or not the user has the sound on.

This really hit home when I read that VaynerMedia had a whole division dedicated to captioning videos for their big-brand clients. Of course, before I found your product, this would have been inconceivable, as there was no way to scale the video creation process effectively. So far, I’ve made, perhaps three video versions of our blog posts using your product and click-through rates from Facebook to our website have doubled.

It’s such a stream-lined ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ approach that it only takes me about 12 minutes to create the video. ;-D If I could change one thing I would add in the ability to reorder and sort the captions when creating the slides. Sometimes I enter them incorrectly or just want to change the order but the only way to do this (to my knowledge) is by cutting and pasting the text. I’ll definitely spread the word around in my community of around six thousand software-hungry subscribers over at 1WD.tv I love it. I’m getting a great response on social with these videos. Congrats on a great product and I look forward to using it much more in the new year. And thanks for being so responsive. 🙂

Pros: The ease of use – Rocketium is organized in a similar fashion to presentation software such as Google Slides or Powerpoint. It just makes it 10x by empowering everyone with the brain and hands of a designer.

Cons: Just the ability to reorder and sort the captions when creating the slides.

11. Wave.video


Wave.video has proven itself to be one of the best online video editors on the market. With Wave.video, you can easily combine video clips, crop and trim your video, add animated text, record a voice over for your video, add music to video, apply color filters, change the aspect ratio of your video, and more. All your edits will be automatically saved in the cloud — no need to worry about that when working on your video content.

Review: Capterra

Overall: I own a social media agency that works with many small business owners with extremely limited budgets. Wave makes it possible for us to either create videos for them at a very affordable price or we train them on how to use the platform themselves. Their videos come out looking professional and they like that.

Pros: I really enjoy the ability to easily create several canvas options for all the different social platforms. It also has a very robust stock image and stock video library to pull from.

Cons: I do not like the inability to customize the watermark and the challenge to adjust the call to action option at the end of each video.

12. Filmora9


Filmora9 is at the top of the list of the best social media video makers for Windows. With Filmora9, you can create attention-grabbing videos that keep and hold the attention of your target audience. The software has a simple, user-friendly interface and easy to use features that are perfect for complete beginners or professional video editors.

Review: Capterra

Overall: On the overall Filmora is excellent. It’s fairly fast, easy to learn, and offers enough advanced features to keep you content for a years. With each video I make I usually find a new tool or a new way to use the tools I’m already familiar with. It’s a bargain.

Pros: Filmora isn’t super expensive, but it is a full fledged film making software suite suitable for amateur and professional filmmakers. You can adjust the footage in most any way you want, use whatever transitions that please you (but you use them sparingly and tastefully, unless you are making a home movie), and can work with all the normal filetypes (import and export them). For the vast majority of users Filmora is more than good enough.

Cons: There was a period where the software was unstable, but that seems to be the case with most film editors I’ve run on my less than stellar hardware.

13. Lumen5


Lumen5 uses AI-powered technology to help users storyboard ideas, put content into a layout, and find the music and visuals that will make your message pop. It’s a great social media video maker with easy-to-use features and a large collection of royalty-free media.

Review: Capterra

Pros: I ran across Lumen5 when looking for a user-friendly site for branding and creating my own short videos for promoting our company. The videos were easy to build and offered a lot of stock video and photos. I can create a video in about 30 minutes (max) and format and reformat it for different platforms with ease.

Cons: I wish I could integrate my own audio or even voice overs. Its limited in that you can only use text and stock audio. It is also very expensive compared to what you can do with it. I may switch to another product next year.

14. Crello


Crello is a lot like Canva. It has the same easy-to-use interface and the functionality is very similar. The websites even look alike. Crello offers more than 25,000 templates for all of the big social media, blogging, and marketing platforms. You can create the images, videos, and animations you need to hit your marketing goals. Crello also includes access to 5,000+ animated templates and 2,000+ animated objects so you can create eye-catching visuals for your website, blog, or social media platforms.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Crello was an excellent alternative when I looked for another option for Canva, due to the cost. Offers mobile app, web and possibility to divide projects into folders. It guarantees a good saving of time and money.

Pros: Background Removal Tool; – Ready Models; – Various Animations; – Image Bank Included; – Possibility to make short videos.

Cons: It is not possible to add sound in the videos; – In PDFs it is not possible to add a clickable link to any keyword in the text; – Sometimes it crashes and the design doesn’t go down.

15. Clipchamp


Clipchamp Create brings you all the essential editing options of a modern video maker including trimming, cutting, speed control, titles, filters and more. Flexible timeline controls allow you to create videos without any guesswork, and our Convert, Compress, Collect, and Record products cover everything else.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Love Clipchamp, an overall fantastic desktop editing system.

Pros: I love how easy this is to use. You can grab videos directly off your phone too, which is extremely easy to do and super helpful considering that most of the videos I take are with my phone. Great templates and fonts too, and it makes our videos look great!

Cons: Sometimes I need to add audio separately to video and marrying the audio and video together tends to be a bit painful as you can’t zoom in and move the audio file as smoothly as I’d like, to match the video with ease. Hope that made sense. I also wish there was a mobile app that we could use too!

Are you looking for Video Editing Software for your business? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Editing Software.

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