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15 Best Video Editing Apps For Android You Should Download In 2021

Video editor for android

Would you ever imagine that technological advancements in terms of video production would be at the palm of your hands, with the help of a simple gadget, your smartphone? Experienced or not experienced, if you have the ‘Do It Yourself’ mentality, you can now film video footage of your choice.

You can also make it look better by adding some editing taste using any of the best video editing apps online. Let’s say you have an incredible ongoing filming project and you want to get the best out of it, but what you are lacking is the how-to incorporate the best video editing app to make your mission a success.

Relax, you are in the right place since this article will take you through some of the best video editing software that you should probably try out, so keep reading till the end.

Features You Should Look For In A Video Editing App

The majority of the editing apps may have varying characteristics. However, some features are common in all of them. Therefore, before deciding on which application to pay for its best version, you should ensure that the free version:

  • Has features that support quality video and photo importation, say 480p
  • Can record a video or take a photo without requiring an external camera
  • Has a way of adding music to the recorded video
  • Has special video scrubbing features
  • Is compatible with various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
  • Allows saving of filmed videos
  • Allows shapes and text incorporation into the video
  • Has features of increasing or reducing the video momentum by at most two times

If you are already familiar with the above features in the best application of your choice, then expect to come across the following characteristic of the application’s premium version.

  • Outstanding text typescripts, filters, gifs and stickers
  • Remarkable video transitioning techniques
  • Additional quality music that best suits your preferences
  • Enhanced editing features like layering and masking
  • Enhanced features of increasing and reducing the momentum of the footage by more than four times.

14 Best Video Editor Apps For Android

1. Quik

Quik Video Editor

This application has features of quickly analyzing videos through facial and color recognition for the perfect framing of video footage. If you love transitioning between shots, this is the app for you since it can manage transitions of up to two hundred videos and photos. It can source these photos and videos from your gallery or the GoPro Plus.

The application has additional zooming, trimming and rotating techniques that allow you to manipulate your videos and photos. If you want to improve the customization of your video, the app offers you a range of twenty-six themes.

Additionally, the variety of graphics, filters and fonts in this app are a great deal. As if that is not enough, the application also makes quality videos like 720p and HD 1080p. The application also allows draft saving of incomplete projects for a maximum of one week.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

If you are looking for an application that will automatically edit your recorded video, Adobe Premiere Clip should be your choice. From editing videos automatically to providing you with another improved alternative of editing the video according to your preference, the application has remarkable trimming features. Video synchronization to the desired music and a variety of editing features like quality transitioning is just but a tip of an iceberg of what this app can do. The other good thing with this application is that it perfectly works with other products from Adobe.

3. iMovie

Do you think it is time to have features in your app with very simple operating procedures? The answer most probably is yes. What if I tell you that this is the best video editing software in terms of accessibility? The application is the software version of a professional video editor. The app offers additional features such as split-screen and green-screen effects and ten filters of high-fidelity. With this application, you are an inch closer to making trailers that resemble those made in Hollywood.

4. KineMaster

KineMaster video editor

If you are an android user, KineMaster should be your best choice since it has a variety of apparatus that are necessary for perfect video editing. The application brings layers together and comes with great instruments for video reversing. This app will utilize the EQ and consequently produce a good auditory playback for you. If you probably have a phobia of small screens like your smartphone, then KineMaster is the solution for you since it easily integrates with Chromebooks. Additionally, this application is good at exporting the final edited video to the social media platforms of your choice.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo video

When it comes to accuracy and precision, Filmorago has been programmed in such a way that it allows video and photo zooming so that you can edit your cuts precisely. This software makes all your video interfaces have that accurate trim that you always wanted. With this video editor, it is even more possible to play around with the video and break it into different parts.

The app also gives the user the freedom to play around with the sound effects to create layers of sounds easily. Besides the free version that the app offers to first time users, FilmoraGo offers you a chance to further explore its incredible features in the ‘Pro Unlimited’ version. Unlocking this version guarantees that you will not see any watermarks as a result of video exportation.

6. WeVideo

With this video editing software, you also get the chance of experiencing a simple interfacing system. What it does is that it improves your creativity with features such as video transmissions, text, green-screen effects, and motion effects. The software has a cloud storage feature that allows its users to use multiple gadgets at different times while working on their projects. The wide range of video clips, soundtracks and pictures that are legally authorized and that require no payment is what you get after subscribing to one of their subscriptions.

7. Splice

As a product of GoPro, Splice offers the best video editing services. If you want to achieve the best in your final product, you can start using a sample video and see how well the app trims, crops and animates. Also, it is good to explore the exceptional speed controls, soundtracks and video transitions. Like some other video editing software, Splice also offers additional sounds and effects without charging you. This app can also harmonize your video and the music of your choice.

8. Cameo

Cameo Video Editing

Cameo is one of the best video editing software due to its uniqueness in containing a variety of music genres that users can pick from. Would you believe that the app has twelve genres of music? As if that is not enough, Cameo, being a product of the great Vimeo company, stands out in the way it delivers High Definition videos through perfect video trimming and the existence of an adjustable auditory file. Additionally, with Cameo video editing software, it becomes easier to incorporate themes, music and titles into the final product.

9. PowerDirector

PowerDirector video editor

There is an array of benefits that the user gets from using the PowerDirector. You can use more than one music track when editing your video. You also get the chance to try out different video effects and editing your video in slow motion regardless of whether you shot the original video in slow motion. This app also offers the controls of dragging and dropping and editing both blue-screen and green-screen effects. The exportation of the final edited video to another platform can be in different qualities like 720p, 4K and Full High Definition 1080p.

10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush video editing

The Adobe Premiere Rush is for fun-loving individuals who enjoy mixing work with fun. The app is easy and competes editing within a very short time compared to other video editing software. Being the makers of this app, Adobe has associated the Adobe Premiere Rush with online content creators since it perfectly predicts what they need to do with their videos to suit the social media stages of their choice.

The app has the advantage of allowing you to share the video to several platforms simultaneously instead of just a single social media platform. The app has premium characteristics such as video, zoom and pan effects.

If you love colors, the software allows you to play around with a wide range of colors while also allowing you to customize your video titles. You are also at liberty to enjoy the high-quality videos and images of the app’s camera. Adobe does not charge for downloading Adobe Premiere Rush, and you also will not encounter any advertisements during the process.

11. InShot

Many people do not like interference from advertisements when working on their projects. With InShot, it is an assurance of working without any form of interference. As an editor, you may find the watermark unnecessary. Therefore, to eliminate them, you have to look at the advertisements. InShot offers the user the normal elements of video trimming, video splitting, cropping, and video effects. If you would also want to freeze some sections of the video, InShot allows you to do that. This app works perfectly for young individuals who love exploring TikTok and Instagram.

12. VideoShow

This is one of the best video editing software due to its reliability and accessibility. The interface is also one of a kind. This app has won several awards, and to download it, you need to go to Google Play Store without any charges. It also has common features like text editing, video and sound effects. The app allows you to choose from a wide variety of more than fifty themes. If you feel the size of the video is too large, the app has features of reducing the video size. Compressing the video to smaller sizes does not interfere with the video quality.

13. Viva

Viva Video Editor

With Viva, you can easily make incredible videos just in the palm of your hands. The animation and filter effects are easy to use. The app also has accessible subtitles and sticker effects. Just at the palm of your hands, you can also quickly trim and merge videos. The app also helps you cut and paste your videos. Being among the best video editing software, the app has a huge following across the world and allows you to perform video exportation to other sites easily.

14. Funimate

This app is also for fun-lovers since it has features that enable you to be more innovative in video editing. Funimate also allows you to export your final videos to other social networking sites effectively. With the app on your smartphone, you can easily access more than one hundred enhanced video effects. Many users find this app interesting due to the looping effects. For you to use the app, you have to sign in and immediately begin getting followers. The app also allows you to follow back your followers. However, the interference from the appearing advertisements are not always interesting.

15. Alight Motion

Deleted: Alight Motion is free to use with basic features and a watermark on videos you create. There are several paid membership options in the app to remove the watermark and access premium features. Among these are subscription options that automatically renew until you cancel.

Are you looking for Video Editing Software? Find MCP’s list of the Best Video Editing Software.

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