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Get Your Paperwork Signed On Time With Signaturely


Electronic signatures have simplified the process of signing documents by removing the need for ink signatures. Documents can be signed quickly and easily, without the need for a printer or for complicated setup procedures.

Electronic signatures are also more secure than ink signatures, making them a more reliable option for online transactions. Additionally, electronic signatures can be used to verify the authenticity of documents, providing an extra layer of security for online transactions. Overall, electronic signatures provide a more convenient and secure way to sign documents online.

Electronic Signatures Vs Digital Signature

Is Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?

The electronic signature is a method of authenticating electronic data by adding digital information to electronic documents. This authentication can be used as evidence in court. In this case, electronic documents are considered to be legal documents. So, electronic signatures are legally binding.

Is Digital Signature Different From Electronic Signature?

There are two different types of electronic signatures. One is electronic and the other is called a digital signature. You can use electronic signatures when you type in your name. A digital signature is an encrypted “packet’ that goes with your document. To check if it’s real, you need to decrypt it with a key from the person who signed it first. This is why it’s more secure than electronic signatures.

Who Should Use Signaturely?

Signaturely is the perfect solution for your legal needs. It offers you plenty of awesome features other eSignature platforms don’t have, like templates, envelopes, and other awesome features that will make your job easier.

Signaturely is also the best solution for freelancers who want to save time on paperwork without sacrificing security. It helps HR Departments create contracts in an easy and secure way. Signaturely is also perfect for anyone who wants to go paperless and green. It can help you onboard new employees faster and close deals sooner. With Signaturely, you’ll have a secure eSignature platform that will make your life easier.

Signaturely Features

Features that actually save you time and clicks.

Collaboration: Collaborate more efficiently and with fewer hassles by effortlessly signing your documents. Automatically receive signatures from any number of signers, so you never miss a deadline again.

Templates that save your time: There’s no need to spend hours on documents when you can have templates that will save time and energy. With just one click, create the perfect template for any document type. Share this with others in your team so they don’t go through as much of a hassle too.

Legal validation: Signaturely is the perfect solution for collecting all your data, whether it be signatures or initials. The app’s design ensures that this legally binding information cannot be changed after being inputted into Signaturely.

Reminders: No one can deny the peace of mind that comes with knowing which documents are signed. You always know which documents are signed. And if someone hasn’t signed yet, they’ll get an automatic reminder so there’s no need to worry about forgetting and missing a deadline.

Easy Access: Keep all your paperwork organized and digitized so that you can access it quickly in case of an emergency. This will help you avoid any legal, financial, or HR related troubles.

Paperless: Don’t spend too much time writing because there are many ways to save time. Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to write with a pen or computer? The answer is both! Use Siganturely to meet your company’s green goals.

Prioritization: Signaturely allows you to send documents to the right person and in the right order. This means that you should not be worried about how to prioritize certain clients.

Remote Signing: The app is a quick and easy way for people to share important documents, no matter where they may be. This is made possible by the feature called “Remote Signing.”

Sign From Your Mobile: Some of the advantages of using SignNow is that you can sign documents straight from your phone, completely increasing the convenience. This is perfect for when you forgot to print out a document or just needed to sign one quickly.

Why You Should Use Signaturely

Now you can have a professional-looking signature in just minutes. Upload your document to Signaturely or use one of the provided templates, all previously reviewed by legal experts and proofreaders.

You can add signature fields to your document with Signaturely’s easy online editor. Once you’re ready, send the document to your signees for approval. Signaturely will guide them through the whole signing process step-by-step.

Signaturely ensures that the signer has followed all the correct steps to create a well-formatted signature. It also provides users with tips on how to generate their own custom signature. It also makes it easy for people to sign from any device, whether desktop or mobile, eliminating the need to get out of bed.

Avoid the awkwardness of constant email checking by setting up notifications to track whether documents have been signed or whose signature is missing.

Signaturely’’s signature order allows you to easily send documents to the next signee. With Signaturely, your online signatures are just as legal as handwritten ones. It also has a digital stamp to trace them back to the signees and date for more security.

Signaturely ensures that all of their work is legally binding and complies with current laws.

How To Use

There are four steps involved in the Signaturely procedure on how to send documents for signing.

  1. Log into your Signaturely account.
  2. Select your Signaturely option, which is either ‘Me & Others’ or ‘Only Others.’
  3. Fill in the document name and a message for signers (optional).
  4. Scroll down to the “Upload File” section and select your upload destination.

Your document will be uploaded and sent to the signers for signing. A confirmation message will appear on your screen when you hit the “Send Document” button.

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