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10 Best Mobile App Marketing Tools That Can Help You Achieve All Your App Marketing Goals

Best Mobile App Marketing Tools

Every single day, thousands of new mobile apps are uploaded on Google Play. Some estimates suggest that there are more than 2 milliuon apps available on the Google Play Store. It is something that can’t be ignored by any marketer. You need to take it seriosuly.

How can you succed in app marketing when there are so many popular apps already available? You need aap optimization tools to satnd out in the crowd. Here’re are the 10 best mobile app marketing tools you should download in 2021.

1. Branch

Grow your business with enterprise-grade solutions designed to increase end-to-end user engagement and provide holistic measurement of marketing effectiveness across all devices, channels, and platforms.

Branch handles all the complexity to ensure your links work across every platform and channel. Its strong link matching guarantees your users are delivered exactly where you want them.

Branch’s attribution technology is designed specifically for the world where universal identifiers such as IDFA and GAID don’t exist. The Branch system uses an industry-unique, anonymous, predictive algorithm that incorporates historical attributions to deliver high accuracy attribution where there is no universal ID.

Review: Capterra

Overall: Sharing the content of the app to other users to make the content viral and make other users directly open the content within the app rather than going on any website. This helps app users bring more users

Pros: It provides analytics for the deep links used in the app and developers can check it on branch.io console. It helps a lot in deciding the future strategy of the app.

Cons: Branch.io should also provide a mobile app to check analytics on the go. Sometimes you are not on PC and want to check it on phone.

2. App Radar

App Radar focuses on organic and paid app user acquisition and lets you combine self-service tools with managed services for app store marketing, so that you can grow faster, either on your own or with the support of our experts. The international team of App Radar has already helped to achieve more than 100 million downloads for customers like iTranslate, Kolibri Games, Wargaming, some of the world¿s most successful mobile companies.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

You can so many amazing things to get your app(s) rankings higher, including:

  • Keywords analysis
  • Store listing optimization
  • View your aggregated store listing score, and see recommendations on what to optimize
  • Track your competitors

What do you dislike?

Some things and features are not so obvious at the first glance. I had to either contact their support or watch educational videos to figure this out.

3. Optimizely

Optimizely provides the industry’s leading digital experience optimization platform including AI-powered personalization and experimentation, which encompasses A/B testing, multivariate testing, and server-side testing. It takes out the guesswork to enable brands to deliver relevant experiences driven by data.

Review: Capterra

Overall: I have been using Optimizely for over 2 years now. In my previous role I used another testing and targeting tool that was much more complex to use. Optimizely’s user interface is intuitive and the statistical algorithms give you confidence in selecting a winner. The best part about Optimizely is it’s support. They have a support line and they will work tirelessly until your issue is resolved. I recommend Optimizely’s platform to anyone looking to increase web conversions or provide more personal web experiences.

Pros: – Easy to use – Support – Great UI – Statistical modeling – Large optimization community

Cons: The price is higher than some tools but you get what you pay for.

4. Google AdMob

AdMob makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow your app business.

AdMob helps translate your hard work into earnings from around the world with features like multiple currency support, country-level mediation, and high fill rates.

AdMob can help your business grow with features like mediation groups, in-house campaigns, and direct deal support that scale to your needs.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

The best thing that I like about Google AdMob is the simplicity to use. It does not require any special requirements. You can straight away add your Android Apps. It will provide you with the necessary codes to include in the app. The dashboard is awesome and it has some of the best analytics tools to measure the performance of your monetization. The graphical user interface is very vivid and bright.

What do you dislike?

The rules are very strict which is good. If you violate any terms your account will get disabled. Sometimes the earnings are very less. The approval process sometimes takes more time. Users sometimes get distracted by the full-page ads if it is not done correctly.

5. Inapptics

This is a mobile marketing tool that provides you with valuable insights that can fuel your app marketing strategy. You can get information on user behavior that can help you understand and target your potential customers better.

Review: Producthunt

Game changer for app development in the future. Totally agree that being able to actually understand how a user is using an app instead of just getting back some high level numbers will make UX optimization 100x faster. Great job innapptics!

6. Airship

This is a brilliant mobile marketing tool that enables you to send personalized messages to your potential customers. You can target the prospects at the right moments in their user journey, with the right messages.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

The account support is excellent and very helpful

What do you dislike?

The cost is a bit high but it does save us a lot of time in creating our own push notification platform

7. AppFollow

AppFollow is an app management platform for timely decisions and actions. Its review management and review analytics platform, App Store Optimization (ASO) tools, and dashboards for monitoring mobile app data, ratings & reviews, and organic growth helps mobile apps and games stay on track and manage critical data changes with ease.

Review: Capterra

Overall: We are tracking downloads and reviews of our app, by platform, which is a bonus, because the initial goal was just to be able to respond to customer reviews through FreshDesk, our customer support software.

Pros: Very easy to integrate. The only affordable app that works with FreshDesk to track and allow us to respond to customer reviews, which we were previously doing through other logins and did not have side-by-side metrics for the iOS and Andriod users. This is great to compare the two platforms and keep everything in one place.

Cons: No dislikes so far. I’m very happy with the interface, simplicity, and detail of the information.

8. Appfigures

Appfigures is a mobile marketing tool that provides you data on your app’s performance and market insights.

You can keep track of your app and its performance. You can also understand the overall market and stay updated on the latest trends. And, you can also read and reply to app reviews across app stores, in various languages.

Review: G2

What do you like best?

Apple and Google provide zero method in seeing historical downloads. Appfigures stores that data and has it at your fingertips. Being able to answer questions like “How many downloads have we done worldwide, all time amongst all of our apps?” is no effort thanks to Appfigures. Neither Apple nor Google provide any insight into category rankings. Knowing our app is consistently at #2 in Photos & Video in the UK is as easy as opening a web browser. They have a great API that allows getting all of this data into our own db to run against our own customer data.

What do you dislike?

Have had login issues with MFA/2FA on some accounts. Automated email selection isn’t robust. Mobile app tells you daily info but is not anywhere as powerful as the website.

9. Leanplum

Leanplum’s engagement platform delivers experiences that are timely, tested, and relevant to the customer — building loyalty that fuels business growth.

Leanplum’s leading multi-channel customer engagement platform helps forward-looking brands like Zynga and Tesco transform data into an understanding of users’ needs and wants.

Review: Capterra

Pros: Overall, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to execute on campaigns. Pretty versatile platform with different sending, messaging, and targeting options.

Cons: The analytics could be more robust… some reports I want aren’t available from the analytics dashboard. For example, I can’t pull a consolidated report of a particular triggered event across a defined set of push campaigns. Also, the process of searching for attributes is done via a dropdown list, which is inefficient. I wish I could just search for attributes that I’m looking for. Would save me some time.

10. Localytics

This is a brilliant mobile marketing tool that helps you personalize your marketing to improve your campaign performance. It has a “Stages of Personalization Calculator” that tells you exactly how the performance improves with the use of granular targeting and dynamic content.

Review: Capterra

Pros: Great tool to log and analyze metrics for web and mobile features. A lot of flexibility defining user profiles and attributes that allow us to automatically contact users directly from their service, according to how they’re using different features and how the defined attributes and profiles are being recorded.
Cons: Not much to complain about. My experience with them has been great for the most part. We’ve had some issues updating their SDK to which they couldn’t offer a lot of help, but apart from that things are running smoothly

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