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10 Top Sites For Free Image Uploads Online Without Imgur

Imgur Alternatives

Imgur is a website where you can have pictures and other things. It is free to use. You can share your pictures on it. People share their pictures all the time and they like it because it is fast.

Imgur was first created as an image sharing tool for Reddit users. It was eventually developed into a separate website, and is now bigger than Reddit. The best thing about Imgur is that it is totally free, with no catches. The company did introduce a paid subscription with Imgur Pro but soon phased it out, as all of its features are now available for everyone.

Imgur’s popularity index rose instantly, and in no time Imgur reached one million hits a day and today it ranked as the top image hosting sites. Imgur’s popularity index had risen to a million hits a day. The site is also ranked as the top image hosting sites and the fastest growing ones.

Imgur is a website where you can find lots of images. It’s free, so you don’t need to pay anything. But there are some limitations for using it.

Imgur is an image sharing tool that was originally created for Reddit. However, as it became more popular, people started using it for other things. There are some features of Imgur that are available for free, but there are also some features that are not. Here are some reasons why you might want an Imgur alternative.

  • The uploader cannot claim ownership of the image once it has been uploaded to Imgur.
  • Imgur often compresses images above 1MB, but it can have a negative effect on image quality. This has been confirmed by many users who notice an increase in artifacts and compression noise when they use larger files for their photos posted to the site.
  • Imgur isn’t for people who need more control over their images. If you want to crop or adjust an image you’ll have to do this on another platform before uploading it onto Imgur.

The site may seem like a dream come true at first, but long term users also complain of limitations and technical difficulties they face while using Imgur. Here are 10 other websites that can be just as good – if not better than Imgur.

Best Imgur Alternatives

1. ImageShack


If you’re looking for more features than what Imgur offers, and you don’t mind paying for a pro plan, ImageShack is a great Imgur alternative. One of its top advantages is that you can choose to make single images or whole albums public or private, which is ideal if you’d rather limit who views your images.

You want to have a good image. ImageShack is a good choice since it doesn’t compress images and stores them as high-res. You can also use the app ImageShack Resize which allows you to resize, crop and apply filters to your images. You can set the app Skypath to auto sync your camera roll with the platform which stores your images in the cloud securely.

2. Postimage


Postimage is an image-sharing website that is simple to use and lets you quickly upload images onto your browser. After uploading the image, Postimage provides different link types like a direct link, hotlink, and thumbnail sharing.

Postimage allows you to post images on social media. It’s easy, fast and secure! Just select the region of interest in your image then choose where it should go – be it Facebook or Twitter. There’s also a handy Delete option so no one else will be able to use this image if they find themselves in possession without permission.

There are different types of account options to meet your needs. Free accounts may only upload images up 24MB and 10,000x10k pixels; however Premium users can go wild with their photos by uploading an unlimited amount (up until 1000!) at once!

Postimage allows you to upload as many images as you want but they may charge if the company does not receive advertising revenue from your posts. However, it will charge if it’s used as an ad and does not receive advertising revenue from your posts.

3. Unsee


Unsee allows users to share photos without worrying about them being accidentally seen by someone else. When uploading, you are able to set the duration of how long the image can be viewed. You can select from 1 hour, 1 day, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or immediately after the first viewing. This way your photo gets deleted as soon as it is viewed by one person.

To further enhance the security, a watermark is added to every file that will allow its uploader access for viewing who has seen it. This means uploaders can check which users have seen their content and therefore less likely be reshared with another audience without permission from the uploader.

Unsee has access to the AES encryption private key. This means that they can decode all QR codes on your phone and see what images were uploaded with just their decryption key.

4. PicPastePlus


PicPastePlus is a website that offers a service to those who want to upload and share their images. It operates in a similar way as Imgur but with the added flexibility of being able to set how many times an image can be viewed and for how long. You can also set the amount of time for which this image is viewable. It could be one minute, ten minutes or hours.

The image is locked for an extended period of time, preventing more people from looking at it. You can set the timer for your image so that it will automatically lock in 30 seconds, 1 minute 10 minutes or an hour. It’s easy to use and there are many settings available.

5. Flickr


Flickr is a website where you can upload photos. You get 1 TB of space, which is a lot! That’s more than most people have on their computer! And there are no limits to how big the photo can be, so even if you take really big pictures that other people might not be able to see in good quality, they will work on Flickr.

With advanced photo editing tools, users can adjust and refocus their images. Users of the platform are able to share with others as well as find inspiration for new shots from other photographers who use its discover feature that pulls up millions of photos taken by people all around the world. A mobile app would be handy if you want access while out on trips or just need quick fixes at any given moment during workday.

Photo Editing Tools

6. imgbox


The Imgur alternative imgbox has a few key advantages over other Imgur alternatives like infinite storage time and unlimited storage space. The simple user interface makes it easy for users who might be unfamiliar with image hosting sites to find their way around. imgbox is free to use whereas Imgur requires subscription fees that can become costly after awhile. Imgur also limits bandwidth which can slow your computer down when you’re uploading images if the limit is reached.

Like most other image hosting sites, imgbox limits upload size to 10MB. It is worth noting the site supports JPEG and GIF files as well as PNGs for pictures or videos you want to share on your social media.

If you want to upload the occasional file, like an image or two for your blog post, you need not to create an account with imgbox. Jump straight on over and start uploading content right in your browser.

7. Imgreview


Several Imgur alternatives might be more popular than Imgreview but Imgreview is a worthy Imgur alternative because it lets you upload pictures quickly and share without any registration. Imgreview also lets your discover images from other users based on your preferences. Imgreview also has a cool feature that allows you to extract text from images.

Developers at Imgreview are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with an online tool. They’re adding new features like annotations, editing and much more to keep their users satisfied.

8. UltraIMG


UltraIMG is an Imgur alternative and offers a lot of great features. It supports various formats, lets you upload pictures without registration and if you register, you will be able to unlock a lot of cool features like album and galleries, viewing counter, easy social networking sharing through integration and more. UltraIMG also offers cool user profiles to registered users who want their own URL to showcase all their public pictures.

9. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is a great website for artists and photographers alike. With its amazing community and features, you can witness some of the best art out there. With tools like the profile and gallery features, you can showcase your work to the world and socialize with other artists.

10. SmugMug


Imgur is a website where people can post their pictures. Imgur has a lot of tools to edit your pictures in different ways, but Imgur doesn’t have the best tools for photography professionals.

SmugMug does have some good editing tools. You should use SmugMug if you want to show other people your pictures in the best way possible or you want to sell your photos because it’s free for one month when you sign up and then when you get paid, it’s not very expensive at all!

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