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Startup Tools

20+ Best Tools And Resources For Managing Your Startup

Startup tools

While establishing a startup, the foremost interest of every entrepreneur is to keep their initial costs minimized. However, if you really want to pursue a startup of your dreams, there are various inescapable costs imposed to run an online business. You can control these expenses by choosing the best tools for your startup.

Entrepreneurs are being offered a vast variety of startup tools and resources that helps them reduce startup costs and their inestimable time.

Major Factors That Will Determine The Success Of Your Startup

  • A team of intelligent and passionate individuals
  • A product that truly resolves business concerns
  • A plan of action that covers estimates, deliverables and operational developments that enhances possibilities to receive capital for executing the plan further.

If you miss out on these three above-mentioned factors, you are expected to be one of the 90% of startups that fail to achieve the desired results.

The process of selecting the best tools for your startup can be a little complex. However, if done correctly, it leads to high productivity, better customer understanding, and reduced costs.

It’s important to manage your capital and stay well organized to purchase the startup software.

Wisely choose your tools in the beginning and ensure that tools that you are going to buy will be compatible with your future business growth as your company evolves. This will strengthen your productivity and operational growth during the booming period.

Let’s discover the solution to this problem.

How To Pick The Best Tools For Managing Your Startup?

In this modern age of entrepreneurship, there has been an exceptional reduction in the cost of technology, infrastructure and software lately.

Comparatively, it’s smoother to remotely hire the best and accessible expertise from anywhere and coordinate effortlessly. Highly remote workflow is going to be the future of work.

You don’t need to stick with standard startup management tools now as the market offers several amazing tools that come with great value of money and assists you to head your business strategies effectively.

Suppose you are recruiting for your startup, you are more likely to go for an expert-all rounder rather than a specialist because you can ask them to perform different roles and provide flexible productivity.

The same rule works while choosing high-tech startup tools- you should select those startup tools that offer multi-functionalities with less investment.

We have created a list of the best startup tools that’ll support you to organize all your business proceedings including sales, marketing, finance, HR, meeting scheduling and customer support.

We are going to provide you with exclusive information which is not easily available on software comparison websites. We’ll introduce you to the world-class tools categorized as per business types that are versatile in nature to facilitate your startup processes.

22 Best Startup Tools

We have selected these tools not only because they are amazing but we have come across the numbers of other startups that gained profit using them.

By stating “Best”, we mean that the tools should perform in favor of your business growth. We have different business domains to operate but every business works on three basic principles to survive in the market: product, provision and preservation.

Product is what you offer in the market. Provisioning is marketing and sales strategies- that spread awareness about your product. Preservation is a cluster of activities that makes your brand reliable like- customer support.

1. Squadhelp

Squad Help for naming a business

Find a perfect name that suits your startup with the assistance of Squadhelp. The services offered by this tool are not only restricted to business names but it facilitates finding the best names for your app, book, product etc.

You can initiate a naming competition and connect with professionals as you’re directed by their agency-level naming procedure. They offer you a hand-picked premium names collection available for instant buy.

2. Clarity

Whether you are getting your hands into a startup or you already own an established business, every entrepreneur requires actionable help sooner or later while running their business. Clarity guarantees ambitious entrepreneurs get valuable advice directly from industry experts.

With this tool, you get to connect with major industry experts globally. Clarity experts guide you to conquer any challenge you may encounter. From scaling your business, inviting investors, doing market trends research to enhancing professional skills, this tool covers everything with world-class business precision and guidance.

3. Germ.io

Keep your big picture of startup ideas intact with the help of Germ.io. This tool provides you with better control over your business concepts and ideas. You can share a broad view of your ideas and get them validated by experts.

Germ.io gives structure to your business ideas by directing you to the next move. It is key to get answers to all your questions. This tool lets you transform your ideas and thoughts into a real business.

4. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is an online business management tool that provides you the power to innovate with the industry masters. Apart from giving shape to your visions and strategizing projects, you can create amazing presentations and live your ideas in real life.

Furthermore, this tool unifies with MeisterTask– a task handling tool that allows you to mold your dreams into practical tasks.

5. RingCentral

RingCentral is completely integrated, scalable and offers diverse functionalities that help you get a high return on investment. This tool is majorly popular for its collaboration program and communication platform for customer support departments globally.

However, it adds more value as an exceptional tool for your marketing and sales departments, all with just one tool.

RingCentral plays multiple roles to support your business through its multi-skilled products and features that fulfills your business requirements for all business sizes from opening windows of fresh startups to full-fledged companies that are successful in the industry.

RingCentral’s app allows you to make calls without disclosing your personal number. Also, it performs as your video conferencing and messaging medium for your teams.

6. noCRM.io


A young firm wants to maximize lead generation scores and get through these leads to scale up its profit percentage.

noCRM.io is a multi-talented software that offers you persistent sales management by keeping track on all sales activities from lead nurturing, examine and pipeline sales management.

You can link noCRM.io in your website contact form and commence the lead nurturing process once they join. You can arrange these leads by examining their individual interests by assigning different activities. Prioritize leads through different labels to conduct streamlined sales prospecting.

Integration between noCRM and RingCentral makes your lead management process well-organized similar to Mailchimp. This integration allows you to generate leads from any communication platform, for example- call, email, business cards and you can call potential customers via RingCentral inside noCRM dashboard.

It is an ideal tool for startups since it gives a clear vision of massive outbound sales with a minimum workforce.

7. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is one of the best tools to introduce your startup in the industry. This platform creates innovative new products regularly. This platform allows tech-savvies to explore and engage. You can share, discuss and analyze every aspect of products, websites, mobile apps and other technical productions.

Establish your startup effectively by launching new products over Product Hunt. And like Reddit, Product Hunt operates on user feedback & comments and voting systems. This platform comes with an existing association of examiners who are always up to try new products. Therefore, it gives you maximum exposure while launching your startup.

8. Beta List

The best part about this platform is that you attract more attention to your startup ideas by presenting them ahead of an extraordinary community of leading business experts and accumulate useful feedback from them.

Beta List has made its mark on more than 3000 startup producers to recognize customers’ behavior and needs thorough observational and measurable research analysis to certify that they are developing the right product for their spectators.

9. Hootsuite

Popular and well-established startups worldwide have been using Hootsuite. This is a leading social media marketing tool that helps organizations to scale their businesses with its simplified UI and budget-friendly deals.

Hootsuite offers you a free plan which allows you to schedule upto 30 posts on any social media platform. With the help of this tool, you can evaluate the return on investment(ROI) of your online marketing campaigns and monitor effectiveness and engagement.

10. Mangools

Profit-making startups such as KWFinder, SerpChecker, SerpWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler have trusted Mangools. This tool comprises a suite of five Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. It helps startups create influential SEO workflows.

Mangools is an all-in-one tool that helps you discover specific keywords, analyze search results from anywhere, evaluate comparisons with other brands, keep tabs on your keyword placements and highlight them with strong backlinks.

11. CallHippo

CallHippo is a robust Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service provider. This amazing tool works wonders for startups and medium-sized businesses with its innovative features that revamp sales potential and agents’ productivity. CallHippo authorizes managers to track calls, key performance indicators and presents real-time observations and feedback to elevate profitability. With the help of third-party integrations, it offers you a feasible user interface and advanced customization.

12. Foundersuite

Now you can raise capital for your startups with an excellent tool. Foundersuite leads the way for raising funds and conducting relationships with investors through the right pace and proficiency. This platform comes with CRM tools that enable you to manage your investor funnel, searchable venture capitalist database. It offers you an Investor Updater tool to produce detailed progress reports every month.

Foundersuite includes Startup Docs which is an extensive set of templates and spreadsheets like pitch decks, founder’s agreements. Foundersmarket is a catalog of amazing deals on exclusive products.

13. Crunchbase


Crunchbase is one of the leading software for entrepreneurs to identify innovative companies. Follow your ideas and get new opportunities to collaborate by connecting with market experts. Over 50 million users that include entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers and sales professionals trust this tool for their startup businesses to transform their vision into meaningful actions. A huge number of startups worldwide count on Crunchbase to boost their applications.

Crunchbase Pro enables you to access startups, investors and funding reports directly by their web interface. It includes other features too like advanced searching, customized list, personalized notifications and CSV (Comma-Separated Values) exports.

14. Gust

If you want to pursue the startup of your dreams, Gust is the ultimate platform to start from scratch, progress and fund your startups. You can get a complete guide to develop investment-worthy startups with the help of mission-critical business systems, outstanding performance standards and trustworthy fundraising suggestions.

Gust offers you uninterrupted direction at every step of your startup expansion. Get full assistance while raising funds and maximum optimization on investment.

15. Intercom Early Stage

Intercom is the best assistance to elevate your fresh startup without any harsh struggle. It offers user-friendly products to enhance customer relationships with personalized engagements.

This tool allows you to target your prospects via messages and live chat to amplify website conversions. You can add new clients to your contact list by sending individualized emails. You can easily track and categorize your audience on the basis of their behavior and all the activities that have been initiated on your website or the product page.

16. Mockplus

Mockplus is a web-based application that helps you frame approachable wireframes and prototypes with your team members using drag-and-drop facilities.

The application offers you hundreds of accessible components and icons. Create your own customized components with the assistance of pencil and pen tools for vector drawing.

Mockplus synchronizes the product design workflow process. Additionally, it encourages team collaboration and management in an organized manner only using Mockplus.

17. Logo Design

Create a suitable and impressive logo for your startup with the Logo Design. This tool introduces a huge variety of exclusive logo templates for all industry types. These designs for suitable for different style tastes and can be custom-tailored on demand. No expertise is required to operate this tool. You can change the logo icon, colors, fonts and other things through different design features and customization panel.

Also, this tool allows you to add taglines along with your company name on the logo.
You can opt for customized and premium designs created by our professional graphic artists.

18. Salesflare

Salesflare can be integrated with Gmail and Office 365. It is capable of gathering tons of information databases from your inbox, meetings. It can also track opened and clicked emails enabling appropriate email templates. Salesflare offers a sidebar that lets you operate Salesflare from your inbox. You can grow your business using several Salesflare’s features which include drag-and-drop sales pipelines, email and website monitoring, email signature sync, automated contact data, email templates arrangement, effectiveness indicators and automated reminders for follow-ups and responses.

19. Fresh Books

FreshBooks is a one-stop solution to all your business accounting procedures. It manages your bookkeeping safely in no time. It offers you an automated workflow by organizing expenses, invoicing, payment tracking and scheduling client followups.

You can analyze your financial status0 with profit and loss statements, tax summaries and expense reports.

20. Callpage

With this tool, you can increase your sales engagement upto 75% by spot on analysis of visitors’ behavior on your website. Callpage keeps a watch on prospects willing to buy or contact you. They are prompted to enter their contact information to give an instant callback from the sales team. This provides you an organized way to connect with your prospects at the right time when they are showing interest in your product or service.

21. Detective.io

Get yourself thoroughly prepared for the upcoming sales meetings with the help of Detective.io. You can get a detailed summary of your prospects one hour before your meeting. Before the meeting starts, you have all the information that you need to start a conversation with your prospects. The prospect summary provides you information about their hobbies, your relationship strength, company name and all recent activities on social media platforms.

22. GrowthList

GrowthList is a collaboration platform to intensify your B2B leads engagement that includes around 5000 progressing or recently funded B2B tech startups which can be a potential sales bonanza for your company.

You can find companies’ descriptions, related links to their social media or website, owner details and their contact information. It’s a great platform to collaborate with newly funded companies as they have enough money and interest to try new products or services.

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